Monday, June 8, 2009

Book Review: Dragon Spear by Jessica Day George

You don't want to be at the end of a Dragon Spearin this conclusion of Creel's dragon adventures. Creel's wedding preparations are disrupted when Velika, queen of dragons, is kidnapped and she and her friends, both human and dragon, must follow the queen to a distant land full of surprises in order to save her.

I really liked this series. It was sweet, fun, and entertaining. The characters are so lovable and quirky. I love her depiction of dragons, each with their own unique personalities. I still think the storyline from Dragon Slipperswas the most interesting, but this one and the second book were both satisfying. A great pick for young girls who love dragons and fantasy.

Two Princesses of Bamarre by Gail Carson Levine
Ella Enchantedby Gail Carson Levine
The Amaranth Enchantment by Julie Berry

s-factor: none

mrg-factor: none

v-factor: ->

Some fighting among dragons.

Overall rating: ****

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