Sunday, June 7, 2009

Top Ten Reasons I Haven't Been Blogging as Often

I know, with a title like that, you can't miss this post. I haven't been blogging as much as I want to, so I decided to come up with a top ten list about it:

10. I'm lazy.

9. I haven't been reading as much (unfortunately, true)

8. I've been attempting to write my own story/book (unfortunately, also true)

7. I'm lazy.

6. I've been trying to keep my house clean.

5. I've been on vacation (somewhat true):

4. I'm still lazy.

3. I've been creating a research course from scratch (*shudder*)

2. The beautiful weather has lured me from my computer (it's cloudy right now)

1. And here it is:

Just a small sample of the vegetation growing in our yard. And that's not counting the 8 apple trees, 5 peach trees, 2 plum trees, and 1 pear tree (but no partridge).

But, I promise not to let it all get in the way of my reading and blogging (especially the lazy parts, which are all true).

What are your biggest distractions from reading and/or blogging?


  1. My biggest distraction from reading and blogging is reading other people's blogs, joining giveaways, and social networks. Seriously I could spend all day on the computer and not get any of my own blogging done. Shame on me.

    My new project, however, is to limit my time on the computer and reorganize all my paperwork. My motive is to find the title to my Jeep. I hate when things disappear on me.

    Good luck with the garden. It looks great.

  2. I love looking at other people's blogs and giveaways! I also need a time limit. Good luck with your search!

  3. On my own personal family blog I am taking the summer off from blogging. When school got out, I posted how I am on summer break and I'll be on a blog break as well. I am still reading and commenting, but I'm not posting on my personal blog. It has actually been really nice. Maybe too nice:)

  4. Deanna, that is awfully tempting. Sometimes I think it helps us come back refreshed to take a nice break.


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