Listless Monday

Listless Monday is a weekly feature on my blog where I create a list of books based on a common theme.  Generally they can be any genre: adult, YA, or MG. 

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Themed Lists:
3 in 1 (based on titles)
All the Time
Back to School
Body Parts 
Boarding Schools
Christmas Favorites
Counting the Days Until Spring 
Courtly Intrigue
Cover Trends
Depression Era (1930s)
Dress Up (dress covers)
Fairy Tales (retellings) 
Fairy Tales II (fairy-stories)
Favorite Children's Books
Food Fiction
Forever Young 
Framed Covers
Girls in Disguise
Hidden Secrets
I Heart You (heart covers)
I Wanna Hold Your Hand  
Jewels and Gems
Luck o' the Irish
Lost and Found
Masked (mask covers) 
Medical Dystopian
Moon Books
Music Books
Not Your Average Magical Creatures
Offerings (similar covers)
On the Road  
Ordinary, Normal, Typical 
Out of This World (space books)
Paranormal Romance
Reclining Ladies (similar covers)
Red Hot 
Red, White, and Blue (color titles) 
Religious Fiction
Retellings (and tie-ins)
Roaring Twenties (1920s)
Slavery/Civil Rights
Spooky and Creepy  
Spring Books 
Steampunk and Historical Fantasy
Stormy Weather
Summer Books
Triangular Love
Twisted Tales
Utah Authors
The War Years (1940s)
Watery Covers
When It's Cold Outside (dress warmly covers)
Which Direction?  
Winged Covers
Winter/Cold Books 

[Listless Monday was inspired by both Amanda at A Bookshelf Monstrosity's feature Books by Theme and Court at Once Upon a Bookshelf's Listed feature.]
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