About the Reviews

I'm a college librarian who finds fulfillment in reading MG, YA, and some adult books.  Since I like to know what kind of content may be in a book before I read, I decided to write reviews that include ratings for language (swearing), sexual content (mature romantic garbage or MRG), and violence which can also include frightening material.  These ratings can be useful for teachers who may want to read aloud a book in class or just know about content.  They will also appeal to parents who may not have time to read every book their child or teen wants to read, but still will want to be aware of its general content.  Or, they may be useful for those who tend to avoid books with too much of a certain kind of content.  They in no way should be considered as attempts to ban or censor books, since I do not condone such doings.  All ratings represent my own opinion and may not match up with another's opinion of a book or its content.

This is my subjective rating system:

s-factor = swearing
denoted by this string of characters: !@#%&
(the greater the number of symbols, the more they should have been used in the book)

mrg-factor = mature romantic garbage (call me euphamistic)
denoted by the number of these symbols: XXXXX

v-factor = violence
denoted by the number of arrows: -> -> -> -> ->

Overall Rating = how much I liked it
denoted by these symbols: *****
This is my subjective opinion of its awesomeness.

I encourage everyone, if they are inclined, to read the books for themselves to make their own judgment.  I love comments and encourage discussion, but ask that you keep it clean and considerate.  Thanks for reading!
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