Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Seven Deadly (Book Blogger) Sins

For the good of all book bloggers everywhere, I've compiled this list of the seven deadliest sins we tend to commit.  I hope you can mend your ways if you happen to find yourself falling into one of these vices.

The Seven Deadly (Book Blogger) Sins*

  • When you may misinterpret another's comment/tweet/post as an insult to you, your ancestors, and several generations of your descendants. (Or maybe it wasn't misinterpreted and it actually was an insult intended for you, your ancestors, and several generations of your descendants.)
  • When you learn ARCs are being sold for profit (pretty justified I think)
  • When you say that you really must have more books.  (Let's be honest, there is always going to be one more book you NEED.  I know all about NEEDing books.)
  • When you realize that ARC you received has been sitting on your shelf for two months now and you really need to get it read, right after you finish this other book from the library that is due back tomorrow.  
  • When you are always posting about the next great book that arrived in the mail, just to say "ha, ha - I got one." (You know, kind of like this and this.)
  • When you read one of those posts about the next great book that arrived in someone else's mailbox and not yours. 
  • When you read everyone's BEA and BBC posts. Or read about someone's awesome connections with authors, publishers, and other bloggers you really wish you knew. (I've talked at length about this before.)
  • When you go to the library (or the book store) and come home with a towering stack of books so enormous that you can't possibly finish them in your lifetime (or before they are due anyway).
Watch out for these deadly sins - they might drag you down to the pit of endless burning books.  And we definitely don't like burning books.
*[note: please read these not as an insult to your honor, but mostly as a good laugh at myself and our sometimes quirky book blogging culture]

What's your deadly bookish sin?    

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  1. I'm afraid I was REALLY suffering from BEA envy this year. A friend of mine here in Southern California has gone the past few years, and I am hoping to go with her next year--if I can afford it! I just started blogging and she did bring me back two ARCS that I really wanted to review for my blog--but mostly I wanted to go to the book bloggers meeting! (and I wouldn't have minded going to see Sarah Ferguson--I'm one who woke up in the middle of the night to see her wedding and also Princess Diana's way back when).

  2. Ha! This is a brilliant post. :) The Lust point describes me PERFECTLY! :)

  3. Gluttony is my worst crime. I've got a whole row of books from the library that I just couldn't not check out!

  4. This was hysterical! Great post! For me lust was so hard this year with all those BEA wrap ups!

  5. It's funny about the library books because I always feel I have to borrow them ALL and RIGHT NOW, and realize that I can come back at any time and still borrow them for free. And yet... so many books I can't possibly read before they are due back. Why is that?? 0_o

  6. I love your list--they are all SO TRUE!!

  7. LOVE this. I'm sloth (two months? How about two YEARS???). I will get to them all. Promise. :-)

  8. fourth Musketeer, I think we all feel a bit that way after BEA :)

    Court, I know I feel it when I see new books rolling in!

    Shelley, I've been doing pretty well on this one, but let me loose in the library and it could get ugly.

    Amused, I know the feeling - it still hits me once in a while when a new BEA post pops up.

    Cat, I always feel that way too. I guess it's kind of a "what if it's not there when I WANT it?" thing for me. Get it while you can?

    reviewsbylola, true for me too!

    Melissa, I have pangs of guilt over mine from last year. But, maybe with your two years, I am doing pretty well. :)

  9. I've been committing sloth for quite awhile now. :)

  10. Man, I think I have problems because I think I've suffered from all of these before. But still, great post! haha.

  11. LOL. This is great. I have to admit envy and gluttony are probably my worst sins lately especially after seeing everyone's BEA swag. And this is despite having a massive backlog of books I already own and haven't read.

  12. Oh dear. I think I pretty much do them all!

  13. What a great list! Yes, plenty of these bookish sins look familiar to me.

    Greed for more books? Guilty as charged.

    I have another entry for Pride for you... there are times I can't stop myself from bragging about all the great authors I've met/library events I've been to/free books that I've scored.

    Sloth... ouch. Let's just say that there are a few book reviews that I meant to get to, and probably never will.

    And for Gluttony - yes, there are times I've overloaded on books, and then forced myself to plough through and read them all anyway. Sleep? Sleep is for the weak!

  14. Chris, it seems to be a big one for a lot of book bloggers.

    Rowena, I do too - that's how I got the inspiration :)

    Debbie, I know I feel that way too, despite the books that have been waiting for months to be read!

    Suey, welcome to the club :)

    Madigan, good thinking on pride - I definitely like to flaunt my signed books and author visits. Sleeping is highly overrated :)

  15. This is brilliant!

    Gluttony is mine...it's so easy to take little comforting breaks at work and request books through interlibrary loan, even though the house is full of things to read already!

  16. LOVE this list! I am guilty of several of these.

  17. This is great!! I try not to commit them, but sometimes envy is a problem, I have to admit!

  18. Charlotte, it's so easy to get more and more and more...

    NotNessie, I'm thinking all of us have done at least one!

    Michelle, I think the first step is to recognize you're doing it - then we can improve, right?

  19. I did really envy those BEA posts ;) and I'm definitely guilty of sloth.

    FAB post :)

  20. ENVY! Definitely envy, every time I see an IMM post with so many books or those BEA posts!

  21. Juju, me too! I still get a little anxious when I see one in my Google reader.

    Bianca, I'm definitely with you on that one.


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