Thursday, June 3, 2010

Catching Up in Loot-ville

So, it's been a few weeks since I updated my library loot!  How could I neglect it so long?

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley (reloot)
Fever Crumb by Philip Reeve
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling (audio book for road trip)
Mistwood by Leah Cypess (finally!)
Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George (yeah!)

For review: 
Bogus by Karla Oceanak
Whistle Bright Magic: A Nutfolk Tale by Barb Bentler Ullman

And as a side note, reading everyone's advice about posting on Armchair BEA's BBC posts, I thought I'd throw in a little personal bit about me now and then.  Here's the first bit, added here awkwardly at the end of my library loot post. 

Gardening is one of my favorite things about summer (which I LOVE by the way).  I love to work in the garden (which is ironic, because I hated it when I was a kid and had to pull weeds).  However, it was pretty hard to downsize from a garden like this:

 To one more like this:

Oh well, at least maybe I'll get a few fresh veggies.  And there's certainly less weeding to be done! :) [edit: I just discovered that There's a Book hosts an A Bit of Me(Me) - and the question is about your favorite season!  I think I'll start doing this meme to help me be more personal!]

Do you like a little personal info with your book blogs?

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  1. I just put Mistwood on hold yesterday! Along with about 10 others.

    Love your garden. And yes, the weeding must be great!

  2. I enjoy personal tidbits on blogs...it helps me feel like I'm 'getting to know' the blogger, if that makes sense. :) I really want to get into gardening, but I have to wait until we move later this year into a house we own vs. rent. We're not allowed to dig up the grass here!

    Have fun with your library loot. I LOVE audiobooks for roadtrips!

  3. Oh yay! I'm so glad you found the meme I started! Like you, throughout Armchair BEA I found it was so great to get to know little bits about people and I just wanted more. Not a lot, but it's so fun getting to know things like you gardening.

    I LOVE your garden by the way, and that you put pictures up! Gardening always reminds me of my youth because my grandfather was a farmer during most of it. I love that smell of a hot house full of tomatoes or squash just ready to pick. Lovely! I hope you get some great veggies this year, even if you had to downsize a bit. :o)

    Thanks so much for participating! Can't wait to hear your future answers!

  4. Suey, I am dying to get to Mistwood (I can skip books right?) The weeding is great, but suddenly we are fighting off birds!

    Eva, hopefully you'll still have plenty of time for planting a garden (it is hard not to have a place to do it when you really want to :)

    1stdaughter, I'm super glad you started the meme! I am one who doesn't usually put any personal info up, but I kind of want a little more, since I enjoy some on others' blogs!

  5. I often worry that I've begun to put too much of me into my posts. But the posts were my family comes up are often the ones I get the most comments on. Which is kind of odd because if I only had a personal blog, no one would even know about it!

  6. I enjoy reading personal bits and pieces about other people but don't share much of myself - maybe I should.
    Enjoy your loot - the Alan Bradley is great fun.

  7. Lisa, I know what you mean! My personal blog has about 4 people who consistently read it - it's very dull.

    Cat, I was the same way - I never shared much. Now, I think I'm trying to balance it more.

  8. I definitely like to read something personal about the people who are blogging. It adds interest, I think.

    Love your container garden! I'm downsizing a bit this year as well. Instead of planting tomatoes in my box gardens, I am trying out two topsy turvys for my tomato plants. Have you tried those before? I hope they work out.

    Happy Gardening & Blogging!

  9. Sharla, I haven't tried those. I'll probably be one of those stubborn last-to-try-it people. Let me know how yours go.


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