Sunday, June 6, 2010

48 HBC Wrap-Up - I Made It!

Whew!  I made it to the end of my first 48 Hour Book Challenge.  I read last night for a while and managed to finish My Name is Memory - watch for my review coming soon.  I started reading from The Eternal Ones.  I knew both these books were about reincarnation, but I didn't know they were the same basic story!  In fact, I didn't know that Fallen by Lauren Kate is also from this story (minus reincarnation).  I'm going to have to look it up and see where it originates, because it's pretty interesting.  However, since I'd just finished My Name is Memory, I needed a bit of a break from more reincarnation love story.  I read a bit from Secret Speakers before I fell asleep.  Then this morning I started on The Demon's Covenant.  I tend to bounce around until I get sucked in.  Anyway, here are my final numbers:

Time read: 3 hrs 20 min
Total time read: 21 hours (which is 5 hours more than my goal)
Time blogged/read blogs: 30 min
Total time blogged/read blogs: 3 hrs 10 min 
(and I completely forgot to Twitter, pretty much the entire time)
Which brings my total participation time to: 24 hrs 10 min
Total number of books read: 2 (The Lost Conspiracy, We the Children), finished 2 I'd started earlier (My Name is Memory, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban [on audio]), started 3 (The Eternal Ones, Secret Speakers, and The Demon's Covenant)
Total pages read: 1055 (shockingly low, though I didn't include pages from the audio book)

Things I wish I'd done: chosen lots of short, younger aged books - I definitely should plan in advance, but the books I was reading were either due at the library or for review soon :)

It was so much fun reading with you all!  Thanks for your words of encouragement!  Thanks also to MotherReader for hosting this super fun and insane challenge.
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  1. That's awesome!! Congrats on finishing! My eyes are glazing over a bit, but I'm going back to the books! 6 hours to go...

  2. You're welcome! Thanks for playing!

    (btw, did you check in at the Finish Line page? I want to be able to count all of my peeps for donations and prizes.)

  3. Congrats; that's half the time! Woot! (Very good for your first time participating.)

  4. Thanks all for your encouragement!


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