Saturday, June 5, 2010

A New Day for 48HBC

Since I managed to get about 10 hours yesterday, I'm rather ahead for reaching my goal of 16 hours!  Yeah!  I even managed to get up a bit earlier (a bit, not much).  I'm a very sleep-oriented person, so I don't know that I'll ever be able to stay up all night reading. :)  This morning (and today) I'm definitely going to finish The Lost Conspiracy and also My Name is Memory.  Hopefully I'll get started on something else too - maybe Secret Speakers or The Eternal Ones.

Watch for my updates below throughout the day.  And if you're reading too - Good Luck!

Update 1:
I'm still slugging along through The Lost Conspiracy and My Name is Memory - I can't seem to put them away for something short, but I'm nearly finished with both.  Hopefully soon!  It's a gorgeous day here too, so I think I'm going to spend some hours outside.  I've still got laundry, cleaning, and grocery shopping to do, but at least I'm nearing my 16 hour goal!
Time read: 2 hrs 30 min
Total time read: 13 hrs
Time blogged/read blogs: 1 hr
Total time blogged/read blogs: 2 hrs 25 min

Update 2:
So, stuff happened.  I've been not able to read much in the last hours.  I helped my dad with his fruit trees and then went to an outdoor activity with some friends...needless to say, I've got to buckle down for the last leg of the challenge.  And finish those two books.  Oy.
Time read: 2 hrs 15 min
Total time read: 15 hrs 15 min
Time blogged/read blogs: 10 min
Total time blogged/read blogs: 2 hrs 35 min

Update 3:
I've managed to (finally!) finish The Lost Conspiracy (all 566 pages of it).  I've only got a few more for My Name is Memory as well, so I think I'll finish that one tonight.  (BTW, enjoyed them both in very different ways!)  I'm headed off to read in bed and will get a bit more reading in tomorrow morning (hopefully).  Wrap up post probably will come tomorrow or Monday!  Thanks for all the encouragement!
Time read: 2 hrs 25 min
Total time read: 17 hrs 40 min
Time blogged/read blogs: 5 min
Total time blogged/read blogs: 2 hrs 40 min

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  1. Good for you! I found the Lost Conspiracy a slow read, not because of it being unengaging, but just slow--how did it go for you?

  2. Charlotte, it is pretty slow for me. I'm struggling because I feel like I am reading so slowly, but I do really like it. I might have to put it down for a while.

  3. Some great choices you have in your reading pile! I hope Lost Conspiracy has picked up for you or you have bounced to another book...enjoy yourself!

  4. Sounds like you are doing a fantastic job!!

  5. Hi! I'm participating in the challenge too, and am on my break for commenting/etc...I'm in library school and an avid reader.

    My new blog specializing in historical fiction for children and teens--since I see that's an interest of yours as well you might want to check it out! I've posted four new reviews so far (or is it 5--I'm losing track) just during this challenge, which are all new releases).

    I'm looking forward to following your blog.

  6. Thanks for all the encouragement! And welcome, fourth musketeer! I'll be sure to check out your blog.


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