Friday, October 23, 2009

Book Review: Dull Boy by Sarah Cross

Dull Boyis all that Avery Pirzwick wants people to think he is. He is anything but. His manifesting freak powers, superhuman strength and flying, are becoming more and more difficult to hide. But, when he learns there might be people just like him, he finds hope that he might just be hero material, instead of a major freak.

Things I Liked:
I found the characters were just so fun. They were quirky and I also thought they felt very real, with understandable emotions and reactions to their powers. And when the action finally came, it was good - exciting and fast-paced. I also found many of the interactions and dialog were quite funny. I particularly got a kick out of this quote:
"Skintight spandex isn't really my thing, the ski-mask-plus bathing-suit combo didn't exactly inspire confidence when I tried it on (please forget I mentioned that), and where am I supposed to find a leather jumpsuit?" p. 3
Things I Didn't Like:
Despite the excellent premise and the humor, the book had a very slow start. I had a hard time being interested in what happened until quite near the end. I was also annoyed by the characters' overlooking of the most important questions they should have been asking. Really, why weren't they asking more questions and about why they had powers and how they got them? I just think it fell a little bit flat, despite the fun plot.

Reminded me a little of Savvy by Ingrid Law
Also a lot like The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forrester

s-factor: !@#
regularly appeared throughout

mrg-factor: none

v-factor: ->->->
plenty of action violence, nothing gory

Overall rating: ***

When you come across a book with a great premise or idea that doesn't quite satisfy, do you imagine authors who could pull it off? Do you rewrite it in your head?

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  1. I actually thought this book was a lot of fun. Sorry you didn't enjoy it.

  2. NotNessie, I really wanted to like it. I know lots of other people did too!

  3. I read a book once where I thought the premise for the book was a good idea, but I didn't really enjoy the characters or the style of writing. I guess that is as far as it went. I don't really imagine my own endings, and I don't think about other authors that could have pulled it off, unless there is a similar concept out there already. I hope that made sense. Sorry for the run-on sentence.

  4. Amy, that made perfect sense. I was wondering if others actually created how they thought the story or characters should have been.


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