Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Read-a-thon Pile and My Lack of Memory

So, I signed up for the 24-hour-read-a-thon again. I really loved spending a whole day reading last time. Even when I told my husband, he seemed cool about it.

Then, I remembered that my family will ALL be in town that weekend. No really, all of them.

And then, I learned my church is having an activity that day - an activity involving food.

But, don't worry, I know my priorities. Books always come first. (Wait...that doesn't sound right.)

I think I'm still going to participate, but my goals will be less lofty and I will probably not get as many books read (or as many hours) as last time.

Still, I love feeling like I'm a part of it, so here's my extremely hopeful pile o' choices:

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling (cause really I haven't gotten any books read yet for the Harry Potter challenge)
Daylight Runnerby Oisin McGann
Thirteenth Childby Patricia C. Wrede
The Name of this Book Is Secretby Pseudonymous Bosch
The White Queen: A Novelby Philippa Gregory
Foundby Margaret Peterson Haddix
A Season of Giftsby Richard Peck
The Mysterious Benedict Societyby Trenton Lee Stewart
Farworld, Book 1: Water Keepby J. Scott Savage

You know, it's long but I'm keeping my options open. I also have a few review books I may need to read as well. Hopefully I'll be able to finish one or two books. I hope. Maybe I should do a page count as a goal instead? Any thoughts?


  1. I say, just read what you can, and don't worry about goals. But that's just me.

    I have stuff that will still need doing that day too, but I'm just going to bring my book with me, and totally involve the kids with the reading, and hope the husband doesn't care that I read all day long. I still have yet to explain the whole thing to him!

  2. I feel your pain. I don't have people in that weekend, but we are going to downtown Chicago on Sunday, and I won't be going back home until after work on Monday, so I can't be totally dead on my feet, which means I'll have to sleep some on Saturday, boo!

  3. Real life. PFFT. :)

    Suey, great suggestion. I think maybe I will scrap the goals and just read.

    Jen, sleeping is highly overrated. Just kidding, of course. I'll definitely not be staying up all night.

  4. I'm with Suey, just read whatever. Could just be us though... lots of people seem to be making lists already.

    I wouldn't be able to make a list 'cause I don't know what I'll be in the mood for then. It's more than a week away!

    IF I get to participate at all, it'll be Friday, so I don't think I'm even signing up...

  5. Britt, I made my list by (are you ready for it?) picking the books that are going to be due at the library next. Yes, the thoughtful and very complex process took about 2 minutes. I also copied and pasted directly from my library loot posts. Classy, I'd say.

  6. I know the feeling, I just realized I have to take my daughter to a B-day party that day. That is all I have to do outside of the home, but it is a 5 hour party! I would go home and then go back, but I don't know. If I stay I can't see how much reading I'll get done with a bunch of screaming 10 year olds!!

  7. I also tend to read the books that are due to the library first. Then I read the ones I borrowed from people. Then I can get to the ones I own. Good luck with the readathon. I wish I could join in, but I like to do family things on the weekends, especially since there won't be too many good weather days left before the dreaded snow. Maybe they should have the readathon in January instead. There doesn't seem to be too much happening in January. LOL

  8. Ah, Melissa, you're my hero.

    I think I'm going to try doing my own readathon the 23rd... You all are making me too jealous.

  9. busy91, a five hour party? With screaming 10-year-olds? You should win some kind of award!

    Amy, I could definitely go for a mid-winter readathon. I always get in a slum come February.

    Britt, you should have a readathon on Friday. I think that definitely counts. :)

  10. Participating even a little bit is still great fun. Love how you picked your list.

  11. Beth, I hope I get to participate lots, though it isn't looking that way. I keep thinking of books to add to the list (which is really just scary)!

  12. I agree, do what you can. Enjoy your day! I can't wait to start reading!

  13. Dana, me too! I'm getting so excited!

  14. NERDS!!!!

    I'll see to it that you, Melissa Q ******** are incapable of reading on said day. In fact, I'm going to put a giant steaming pile of kimchi and sauerkraut in your precious reading corner (wherever that may now be), disable all forms of heating to the house or apartment in which you now stay, sing and/or hum the theme song from Disney's "Robin Hood" and recite the first several hundred thousand digits to pi through a megaphone, placed mere inches from your face. And then I'll give you hugs and tell you how much you're my flavourite little sister.
    As for you other nerds, enjoy your nerdery while you can, 'cause you're all next...

    P.S. The word verification to this was gorter. Google now even knows the name of my as-yet unborn daughter! GAAAHHHHHH!!

  15. Woo, I'm so glad you stopped by to spread such love! I am looking forward to seeing you (if not to all the other delights involved in your threats). You guys are having a girl? I'm very much looking forward to meeting little Gorter Sue.


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