Friday, October 16, 2009

Stuff You Should Shouldn't Know About Librarians

Want to know a couple of secrets about librarians?

we really don't like overdue books...

they start to make us a bit...undead?

or perhaps we are a few of these, in disguise. You know, glasses and cardigans and buns can cover up that green skin and those sharp teeth easily.

These fabulous posters available from Demco, my favorite library supplies store.

Also, if you are looking for something to purchase for all your librarian friends' birthdays, 100 Scope Notes has our needs pegged perfectly. Just looking at those carts gets my heart rate going!

But don't tell anyone I told you. I might be ousted from our secret alliance of librarian zombies.


  1. Those posters are so so cool! I wish they had them for my profession.

  2. You should create some, Brodi. I believe in your creative skills :)

  3. Sharon, you should get one for your library!

  4. I'm not even a librarian, and I totally cracked up. I want to belong to the secret alliance of the librarian undead... please?

  5. Melissa, I officially induct you into the society. Cause I'm totally in charge of it.


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