Thursday, October 8, 2009

Library's Naughty or Nice List

This may come as a shock to you, so maybe you should sit down.

I only got three books from the library since my last library loot post.

You read that right. Three.

AND I had to return five from this loot. UN. READ.

I definitely made the nice list this week.

No worries, I made a list of the books I returned so I could remember to check them out again when I have a smaller pile. Ha.

Here's what I got:

A Season of Giftsby Richard Peck
The Mysterious Benedict Societyby Trenton Lee Stewart
Farworld, Book 1: Water Keepby J. Scott Savage

What's almost even funnier is that I got more books in the mail than from the library. Highly unusual for me. These appeared in the mail for me:

Keturah And Lord Deathby Martine Leavitt (finally, after an annoying fiasco from the used seller I purchased from through Amazon)

the Gemma Doyle trilogy (A Great and Terrible Beauty Rebel Angelsand The Sweet Far Thingby Libba Bray, won in a contest from Alea at Pop Culture Junkie (I love this series!)

Black Angelsby Linda Beatrice Brown from the publisher for review

Secrets of a Christmas Boxby Steven Hornby from the publisher for review

Were you naughty or nice during your last library visit?


  1. My secret to staying on the nice list is to send my husband! That way the holds get picked up, but ONLY the holds.

    Well, usually.

    Unless he takes the kids. But those books don't count against ME, right?

    Only 6 1/2 weeks until Boo can get her own library card!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ah ha! That's fabulous, Britt. Actually, sometimes I have my husband wait outside in the car - not in a parking spot so I feel obligated to only go to the holds shelf.

    Definitely kids' books don't count. Unless they are secretly for you. Which is probably what will happen when I have kids. "Here, check out this book - you REALLY want to read it, right?"

  3. I'm totally on the naughty list!!

    But we have a shared book checked out from the library. Season of Gifts.

  4. Oh, naughty. I can't resist a good book. I just console myself with the thought that they are free!

  5. I'm usually pretty nice, but right now I'm naughty because I have two over due books just as of today. I tried to renew them yesterday, and those two are on hold. Hopefully I'll get them back today, but then again, life might not allow it. So. I'm being naughty.

  6. I hate to admit it, but I haven't checked out a book from the library in years. And I read a lot. So this should give you some idea of my debt.

    But I can't help it. It's an addiction. I tell myself it's okay, because I'm buying books, and what could be a loftier purpose than buying books?

    But myself doesn't buy it. Especially because I have a Kindle, and I still buy the hardcovers.

    p.s. Don't let my hubby read this comment...

  7. Natasha, I'll be watching for your review - I'm excited for more Grandma Dowdel.

    Melissa, I normally am as well. Free books = more books.

    Suey, I am shocked and appalled that you have overdue books! :) I myself haven't returned a book late. (In the last week...)

    Brodi, oh the library should be your best friend (but I know how it feels to have a book buying addiction). If there is something one should go into debt for it is books. I'm sure someone important said that, right?

    Thanks, all, for responding to my pretty bare-faced plea for comments. I feel somewhat embarrassed about it.

  8. I'm not sure what constitutes naughty, does that mean your books are overdue? Well, I have 4 books out for myself, and a whole pile out for my son. I also have two DVD's checked out.

    I might have to renew a few of the ones for myself since they are all classics. Ha ha. Sometimes it takes me longer to read those.

  9. Naughty in my view means someone returned an item damaged and didn't fess up! GRRR! My materials are always a couple of days late. Sigh!

    I loved Keturah and Lord Death, can't wait to see how you felt.

  10. Amy, I was mostly thinking naughty as in "I checked out way more books than I'll be able to read and didn't control those book grabbing urges like I should have." Though, being a librarian, I do get itchy when books are overdue. Not that it never happens to me.

    Sharon, oh, I remember hating that! Especially when you saw the book before they checked it out and after. Or if it is something so obvious no one could have missed it. I LOVED Keturah when I read it before as well. I think I'll give it another read, since it's been a few years, though.

  11. I am forever returning books to the library unread. I think last time I took a lot back, Eva coined the term Repo'd Loot to cover it!

    I am about to do the same thing as well. One day my library list will be more under control.

  12. I'm impressed!!

    I was doing well at keeping my number reasonable, but with the read-a-thon coming up, that's gone out the window!!! I have piles of slim books everywhere! lol


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