Saturday, October 24, 2009

Back to the Books

I've come back (finally)! After a slight fiasco, I made it back from my author signing with a brand new copy of Hush Hush. I managed not to ramble or say anything awful to Becca Fitzpatrick. She was very kind.

For the mini-challenge at Joystory, I wanted to post this favorite photo of my parents reading to my older brothers and sisters.

It kinda has that classy feel doesn't it?

My mom used to read to us often. Admittedly, more often to my siblings than myself, since I always managed to get all the reading I needed for classes done and then some. But, I remember listening to her voice bringing to life some of my favorite kid books. Makes me want to read to my kids. Now I just need the kids.

And for the mini-challenge at Linus's Blanket I adored this section of Betsy-Tacy and Tib where they decide after climbing the big hill that they are so hungry they will beg for food.
"Betsy and Tacy didn't say a word, but they tried to act as hungry as they could. Betsy put her hands over her stomach and leaned forward and groaned. Tacy forgot to be bashful and she opened and shut her mouth. She opene and shut her mouth and made queer hungry noises." p.11
I didn't finish The Name of This Book is Secret yet, but I got about halfway through Betsy-Tacy and Tib. And I also spent about an hour listening the the first Artemis Fowl book. Fabulous narrator, by the way!

Books read: ~1 1/2 (seriously need to just finish a whole book - only read three half books)
Pages read: 433 (though I didn't count pages from the audio)
Time spent: 6.5

Off to read more! Thanks for all the cheerleading!

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  1. Love that picture!And where was there an author signing today? Good thing I didn't know about that one to tempt me out of the house! :)

    Good luck on finishing one of your books!

  2. What a lovely picture! I'm glad you shared that memory with us. Happy reading!

  3. oh what a GREAT photo! Happy Reading!

  4. Yes, a wonderful photo. I just love seeing kids being engaged by a book and adults engaging with kids.

    thanks for participating

    read for joy

  5. Today is the perfect day for an author signing! Happy reading!

  6. That is a really great picture!

  7. Suey, she was at several Costco stores around the valley this weekend. I just discovered it yesterday. And since I was heading to Costco anyway...

    Thanks everyone for your kind words!

  8. What a wonderful photo - I love it.


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