Monday, April 11, 2011

Name That Book, Episode 12

Name that Book is a biweekly game where you get to guess a book title from the photo clues.

Just a fun one this time!  Leave your guesses in the comments.  In case you missed it, I hosted a Book Puzzle mini-challenge for the 24-hour read-a-thon on Saturday and there are lots of folks who made puzzles, if you can't get enough of them :)

Book 1:
Jane Eyre (Masterpiece Theatre, 2006)

(P.S. It's NOT Jane Eyre :)

Book 2:

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  1. K, I can't figure either one out. It may be because I'm sooo tired but I might just be a little slow. I FINALLY gave in with the whole book blog thing so you can check me out if you want.

  2. Jenny, I was thinking they were harder this week than usual atually. In fact, I thought no one even tried! Hooray for blogging!

  3. Is book 1 "Book of the Seven Seas"?

  4. Ooh, very close Jessica. I was making a play on the last name Eyre...


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