Thursday, April 28, 2011

First Impressions: Cover Sillies 2

Though the response to my first Cover Sillies post was not stellar, I am still interested in noting some strange first impressions I have on book covers.  My comments are not what I'd call criticism, more of strange or odd reactions to the covers.  Many covers I highlight are ones that I really love.  This collectin of covers is what I like to call the Awkward Bodies edition. 

Vampire Academy Signature Edition: A Vampire Academy Novel
Tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this position is awkward - it literally makes me uncomfortable to look at it.  Maybe I'm just seeing it wrong or something. 

Soulless (The Parasol Protectorate)
Now I know this is odd on purpose, but I honestly think to myself "Don't try this at home, folks!"  It makes my back hurt imagining the model standing like that for any length of time.

 The Dark and Hollow Places (Forest of Hands and Teeth, Book 3)
I really love this cover, but since I've been experiencing neck problems recently, I cringe when I think about her neck pain. Hopefully she doesn't have to lie there for long (and is this a zombie or the main character?)

Now, I really really love this cover, but when I first saw it, I thought again of how painful her head position looks. Maybe it's just the placement of it in relation to his body, but it looks otherworldly. Probably part of its charm.

Do you notice these kinds of things or am I alone?
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  1. You must really be in pain to pick out all the covers with weird head/body positions. I'm sorry your neck is hurting you. I do like most of these covers but the poses the models had to sit in must have been weird.

  2. This makes me laugh. I don't think I would have noticed. But i LOVE that you notice these kinds of things and then blog about it. You're my kind of girl. I was thinking about Tris & Izzie and how uncomfortable HE must be. But maybe if you take your shirt off, it makes it better. ;)

  3. There is a list on Goodreads.com called "Dude, Where's My Forehead?" Check it out--it's hilarious!


  4. I had the same reaction to the Soulless and The Dark and Hollow Places covers. LOL!

  5. Alexa, it's funny how much you pay attention to that when you are experiencing something similar.

    Des, oh thanks! I'm glad we think alike - good point about him being uncomfortable too :)

    Mrs. ReaderPants (who has the awesomest name ever!) I am now going to check that list out!

    LinWash, so glad I'm not alone :)


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