Saturday, April 30, 2011

Book Review: Hunger by Michael Grant

Hunger: A Gone Novel by Michael Grant
Publisher: Katherine Tegen
Publication date: May 2009
ISBN: 9780061449086
Source: Library

Hunger: A Gone Novel

Three months after all the adults disappear, things are far from normal in the Fayz.  Food has pretty much run out and kids are not willing to do anything about it.  When tension begins to break out between the supernaturals and those without powers, chaos seems to reign.  But there is a bigger problem - the monster in the dark who is calling to the kids.  What does it want and will they be able to stop its sinister influence before it is too late for them all?

Things I Liked:
Just like the first book Gone, this one was once again nonstop action.  There is always something horrifying or deadly happening.  I got angry and frustrated at the kids for their unconcern about having enough food, just like I got mad last time.  I loved how realistically it shows Sam, the leader who is still just a kid.  It is a fairly accurate account of what might happen with no adults and no one to assume responsibility.  It definitely keeps you wanting to know what happens next and also what's coming in the next book!  And what a surprise that ending was - definitely unexpected.

Things I Didn't Like:
There was a lot going on in the book.  It almost suffered from having too many plots and characters to keep track of and what each was experiencing.  I again found it to be pretty gruesome for me, but I'm sure many wouldn't be as bothered.  I admit I'm pretty conflicted about how much I "like" these books.

Read the first book in the series Gone by Michael Grant

Chaos Walking Trilogy by Patrick Ness
Lord of the Flies by William Golding
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s-factor: !@
a few, none very strong

mrg-factor: X
mostly just talk and kissing

v-factor: ->->->->
quite a bit, some of it gory

Overall rating: ****

Do you have love-hate relationships with lots of different books?

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  1. I remember liking all the action and excitement in Gone but I was so irritated by the kill or be killed world they were living in and the "good" kids wouldn't kill. I know, it's weird but that's how I felt.

  2. Jenny, that makes sense, though I have to admit I like that they don't want to kill. They irritate me, but I can't stop reading them. :)


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