Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nostalgic Books

Before the children's book festival started, I spent a little time perusing the friends of the library book sale, where I picked up these two gems:

That is classic Nancy Drew on the right. I adored her and read every one I could get my hands on. Formulaic, but still so desirable. And a Boxcar Children book on the left. Also a huge fan of those.

What fabulous (or not so fabulous) books or series were you addicted to as a child?

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  1. Ah, Nancy Drew. Yep, read lots and lots of those. Boxcar Children too.

    By the time I was about 11 or 12 though, I was reading Terry Brooks, Michael Crichton and Tom Clancy. So nostalgia's a whole different thing for me. ;)

  2. I loved both those series as a kid. The cool thing is that my 7 y/o daughter discovered them this year as well. She loves them, and it brings back such memories to see her reading the old, yellow-covered Nancy Drews.

    I also loved LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE, Amelia Bedelia, Encyclopedia Brown, and so many others.

  3. This will sound awful, but I really didn't read much at all growing up. It wasn't until I was an adult, taking a children's lit. class for my teaching degree that I became hooked on reading. The only books that I remember reading were those stupid teen romance ones only because all my friends were reading them. Geez...how embarrassing!

  4. I read and loved Nancy and the Boxcar children as well. I'm pretty sure I've read over 100 Nancy Drews (in various forms) before I reached high school. I didn't read much variety in those days :)

  5. Britt, wow! I don't think I got to any serious adult books or classics until at least 8th grade!

    Susan, oh how I love Amelia Bedelia! I can't wait to have my own kids reading what I loved - that must be such a great feeling!

    Deanna, it doesn't sound awful - I know lots of kids who didn't like reading and grew up to love it. Plus, I didn't mention all my other awesome book choices - Sweet Valley High and Babysitter's club. It wasn't exactly high class reading.

    KT, I wasn't much into variety either - pretty much I stuck with the familiar series. Thank heavens for those teachers who introduced us to other kinds of good lit (I still remember a teacher introducing me to The Witch of Blackbird Pond. I still love it!)

  6. Melissa- there were actually rules in my school library about what you could/could not check out in certain grades. I was reading well above grade level but only allowed to check out picture books until about third grade!
    By 5th grade I was just desperate for anything that would be challenging. Sadly, though, it meant I missed out on a lot of great stuff written for that age group. I started going back and reading a lot of it in high school!

  7. Britt, that is so sad! I'm so glad librarians now don't have as many restrictions! I bet you were dying for something other than picture books by third grade!!!


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