Monday, May 11, 2009

Kindling for the Fire

Last week I was able to handle a Kindlefor the first time. I have not been super thrilled and excited about e-books or e-book readers, but have to admit I was impressed.

It was just about perfect in size - not too big to lug around and not too small to see the books. The screen was not what I expected. I sit at a computer all day at work and I get really tired of reading from it. I think they designed it very well so that it doesn't strain the eyes too much. The selection of books is very nice as well - best sellers and new books are well-represented.


I probably won't be going out to buy myself one. I definitely wouldn't mind having one, but I felt that, though the prices for the books are very reasonable, I still want to have a hard copy. Books that I simply love enough to buy (yes, I have very particular criteria for purchasing books - it saves my pocketbook), I want to have the whole package: the cover, the pages, the separate quality. There is something so wonderful about having a book in hand, owning more than just a computer file.

That being said, a kindle would be especially useful for traveling light and for those books you don't want to pay a fortune for, but definitely don't want to wait for the 50+ people on hold at the library ahead of you.

I've read a lot of articles about how libraries and books are going to disappear and be replaced by e-books and e-braries. If people are anything like me, it won't happen. E-book readers have their place, and it is a convenient one, but nothing replaces for me the feel of the page in my hand.

What are your thoughts on e-books and e-book readers?


  1. I like the idea of a Kindle for travelling - I usually read more books than I can pack. But, other than that I much prefer the real deal.

    I (like you) only buy certain books (ones that I love and know I will read again), so the cheapness of the e-books isn't a selling point for me.

  2. I need to have the real book.

    And no matter how well designed, I don't think I could read on a screen like that. Especially if it's black text on a white background. Hurts my head.


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