Wednesday, May 13, 2009


After much thought and some severe boredom from reading my own reviews, I've decided to do just a few changes to my reviewing. Instead of listing a long boring summary of the books, either from Amazon or from my own cleverness, I thought I'd do a very short, one or two liner of the contents (sounds impossible, but I feel up for the challenge). Feel free to let me know if you like, hate, or feel ambivalent about this.

Also, I've decided to list any read-alikes I can think of for the books I review. If you have some suggestions, feel free to make them in the comments and I will add to the list.

My first changed review coming up tomorrow!


  1. One to two sentences does sound like a challenge! I look forward to seeing how it goes!

  2. I could never summarize a book in 2-3 sentences - good luck! I love the read-a-like feature. I find it very helpful.


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