Monday, October 10, 2011

Name That Book, Episode 19

Name that Book is a biweekly game where you get to guess a book title from the photo clues.

It's that time again! Here are some that I think will be pretty easy for you, but maybe you'll have to pause and think for a minute :) Be sure to leave your guesses in the comments!

Book 1:

Book 2:

Book 3:

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  1. 2- The Emerald Atlas
    3- Entice

    My brain keeps getting hung up on funny impossibilities for 1. Thanks!

  2. I think 1 is Toads and Diamonds.

    I figured out 2 as well, but 3 really threw me for a loop!

  3. cori, there are usually some very interesting titles that one could create from these. Good job!

    KT, I was hoping the last one would be a bit harder. I had fun thinking of it :)

  4. One is Toads and Diamonds, two is The Emerald Atlas and I have no idea what the third one is. :) Thank you for the fun!

  5. OMG--the Entice clues are so good!

  6. Ugh, I can never figure these out anymore!

  7. Lieder, it's Entice by Carrie Jones. Thanks for playing!

    Stephanie, thanks - it was one of my favorites to create :)

    Suey, I think it really depends on what titles you've bumped into recently - it's so hard when a title isn't on your radar. It's impossible when you've never heard of the books, too.

  8. 1. Princess and Frog
    2. Emerald Atlas
    3. Entice


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