Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Utah Happenings: Past and Future

Seriously, Utah is the place to be, apparently.  (Which makes me feel sad I'm moving soon.)  There are lots of fun things happening and one thing that already happened (that I intended to talk about a while ago, but here it is anyway):

Breathless Reads Tour, February 12th:
I got to listen to and meet these five fantastic authors: Ally Condie, Beth Revis, Andrea Cremer, Kirsten Miller, and Brenna Yovanoff.  It was fun to see the interactions of authors on tour together (if I am ever an author, that is exactly how I'd want to do it - way less pressure).  You get a variety of responses to questions and not just one person's opinion.  They were all very nice and even though I didn't have a book for all of them to sign, were so gracious and signed bookmarks (lots and lots of them, I noticed).  Fantastic event.  I think it was pretty telling of my own ridiculous obsessions that I didn't take any photos of the authors or the event, but took lots and lots of photos of the gorgeous SLC library!  Stay tuned for a Libraries Around the World post where I show you just how awesome it is.  (Special thanks to Enna Isilee for my copy of Across the Universe that I won from Squeaky Books!)  For better recaps, be sure to check out all these great posts:

Eve's Fan Garden
Squeaky Books
Emily's Reading Room
Cranberry Fries
Ally Condie's tour recap (I am in the photo from SLC, but good luck finding me :)

Utah Blogger Social, March 5th
Good times for all Utah bloggers and authors!  This Saturday is the semi-annual social, held at the banquet room of the Midvale Golden Corral.  I have a conflict this year, so I'm really sad I'll be missing my last Utah Blogging Social, but hopefully I'll visit Utah conveniently during the next one :)  Here are some recaps of previous book blogging socials.  Further details at Maw Books Blog.

Brandon Mull, March 15th
Super excited about Brandon Mull's next series, Beyonders (I adored Fablehaven). I have an ARC thanks to a fantastic publicist, and I'm loving it so far!  His launch parties have been awesome in the past, or so I've heard (never been to one before).  So I'm super excited to (hopefully) get a chance this year!  It's held in the Cottonwood High School auditorium (because it draws quite a crowd) and it's free!  Find more information here on the Facebook page.  (And, in case you miss it, he's coming to the Provo Library on March 18th - or if you just can't get enough of him :)

Markus Zusak, March 26th
Much squealing commenced when I heard Markus Zusak was coming to Utah!  Yeah for my local library drawing in the fantastic authors!  In case you didn't know, he wrote the fantastic and highly acclaimed The Book Thief (and some other stuff, but Book Thief's my fave).  For more information, visit the Provo Library website.  

And, for more author events in Utah, check out the YA Author Events page from Emily's Reading Room.

Anything here (or where you live) you're dying to attend?

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  1. I think I found you in that picture! I found Jenni and Debbie! :)

    I hope to go to the Brandon Mull launch party too. So sad you can't come to the blogger party. But we WILL see you at the Markus Zusak thing! :)

  2. Suey, I was banking on no one finding me (I was sitting alone like the loner I am, of course :) There are so many fun events coming soon! And we're planning to move in May, so probably won't be around for the summer social :(

  3. You're moving?! So sad! Maybe I'll see you at the Brandon Mull thing. Also, thanks so much for linking to my event page. I'm trying really hard to keep it updated.

  4. I am so insanely jealous about the Zusak thing!

  5. Emily, I know! I'm thinking the saddest part will be leaving the blogging community :) And I give you props for even trying to keep an event page updated!

    KT, I am so glad it's happening before I move! I wish everyone could have a chance to meet him :)


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