Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Utahnian Book Bloggers Unite

I have the very great privilege of blogging in a state with so many other book bloggers. I had the chance to meet several of them at a get together last Saturday.

You can see a list of bloggers and authors who came at Suey's It's All About Books and Britt's Confessions of a Book Habitue (call me lazy, cause I am).

I have to admit that I am a quiet person, so I didn't do much talking. But, I enjoyed listening to the interesting conversations and stories of others.

One thing I learned was that my blog name is much too long and complex. I am not clever enough to come up with anything witty or catchy. The best I could do was shorten it to "1lbr." I admit it's much easier to type (and remember) "1lbr" than "One Librarian's Book Reviews."

And just to say I met someone famous, here I am with the very kind Natasha from Maw Books Blog, who planned the whole thing (and provided the photo). Thank you!


  1. At least people can say the name of your blog.

    I think Habitue caused way more problems than 1 librarian!

    It just means we both have to actually make bookmarks with our info on them now, right?

  2. I had tried to pronounce your blog name before (using the pronunciation guide on your header), but it didn't sound quite the same as when you said it! I suppose I better get making bookmarks, but then I'd probably worry about who on earth I should give them to? :)

  3. I couldn't think who I would ever give them to either... until Saturday when it dawned on me that they would have been helpful!

  4. I wish I could have been there. It sounded fun. Maybe I will get to meet everyone at the next get together.

  5. Melissa I decided that you may even be a touch quieter than I am! :) AND, if we all made bookmarks with our stuff on them, then none of us would feel silly passing them out, right?

  6. Britt, good point. Next time I am heading to one, I will at least think about it :)

    Amy, hopefully I'll get to meet you next time!

    Suey, yes I probably am! :) I would feel better if other bloggers were passing them around.

  7. We'll have to chat next time. I was so preoccupied through the first half with just getting the keys out of my locked car, that I didn't really get around. :) It is exciting that we have so many Utah book bloggers, and now I can't wait to get together again!

  8. mjmbecky, hope you finally got your keys :) That doesn't make for much fun talking. I'm pretty excited for another meeting to see if I can actually talk to more people!


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