Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Book Review: Unwind by Neal Shusterman

Unwind is an intense tale of a teenage boy, consigned to the fate of unwinding. The world of the novel is futuristic where the war between pro-life and pro-choice led to the law that allows parents to "unwind" their teenagers between the ages of 13-18. Connor is a troubled teen who decides he doesn't want his life to end at the decision of his parents and so he runs. He meets up with others who are his unlikely partners on this road to escape.


This is really an interesting novel with a premise that is a bit scary and disturbing. I also found it a bit unbelievable to imagine such a law passing here. But, it was intense and interesting and it kept me guessing to the end.

s-rating: !@

Not too much, but they are teenagers.

mrg-rating: none.
Unless you count kissing.

v-rating: XX
There was some violent things that happened, but they are not described in detail.

Overall rating: ***

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