Saturday, September 5, 2009

Book Review: The Hourglass Door by Lisa Mangum

The Hourglass Dooris the story of Abby, who appears to have everything she could want: senior year with a great boyfriend, best friends, and college plans. But, something is missing - things are a little too dull and predictable for her taste. Abby feels like she wants something new for a change and when Dante the exchange student from Italy enters her life, she may just have gotten what she wanted - and a lot more!

Things I Liked:
The book had a very intriguing premise with time travel and all its twisty implications. Some of explanations of time and time travel interested me, though some of them bored me. I think the author has a lot of promise (this is her debut book). Some of the language was beautiful and descriptive:
"I didn't understand a word of his poem, but the music of his native tongue wove its way into my heart. I felt the rolling vowels along the edges of my fingertips; I resonated with the thrum and throb of the rhythm of his words. Sharp consonants prickled under my skin. Liquid vowels dripped over me like honey."
Things I Didn't Like:
I also got annoyed by some of the writing - there was a lot of metaphoric descriptive language that seemed almost forced. Some of the dialog and phrases were just weird coming from teens. Some of the time travel stuff was so vague as to be aggravating; it left me wondering what exactly happened. Abby often didn't act or feel like a teenager to me - more like an adult (except when it came to Dante). The interaction between Dante and Abby felt very much like Edward and Bella in Twilight - even down to the description of Dante's eyes, hair, and jaw line. I also lost interest in about the first half of the book - until the action picked.

Definitely for Twilightfans
A little like Need by Carrie Jones

s-factor: none

mrg-factor: X
just plenty of kissing and cuddling

v-factor: ->
some violent behavior, but nothing descriptive really

Overall rating: ***

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