Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BBAW Day 2 Continues: Books Help Me Escape from Computers

Several months ago, I posted about my first experience with the Kindle from Amazon. I came away with a fairly favorable opinion, though I'm not entirely sold on the idea of an eReader replacing hard copies of books.

However, Kevin Hamilton from IREX posted on BBAW's site about their newest eReader coming out. In response to the question of what I think is the most important factor in an eReader is rather simple. But, let me do a little explaining first (just to drag things out).

I'm a college librarian and I work in a very small, rather underused library in a rather out-of-the-way location (in the school). Most of the day, I don't get to help students find information. Most of the day, I gather dust sitting at my desk. In front of my computer. I do library stuff as well as spend time blogging. At the end of a typical day, my eyes are tired. I don't want to look at a screen any longer. I go home hoping I won't have to sit at the computer for one more instant!

And with that intro, the most important thing to me in a eReader is that it's easy on the eyes. It can't make me feel (literally or even figuratively) like I'm back at the computer. I don't like e-books in general, because of my desire not to stare at the screen longer than I absolutely must. I know that some eReaders out there have some kind of non-back-lighting design, but I think they haven't quite got it perfected yet. I'm still hoping. Maybe when it starts to feel just like the printed page (to my eyes and possibly my hands) then I'll jump on the eReader bandwagon. (Oh, and when the prices are more affordable for me, too.)

Any thoughts about eReaders? What do you most want in an eReader?


  1. The screen being too much like a computer is my biggest concern.

    Other than the fact that I can't afford one, of course. :D

    Really, though, I'm not sure I could ever trade in real books...

  2. ETA-- well, maybe for traveling. Being able to carry multiple books in something that weighs less than one book...

    Okay, that might sell me on it.

  3. I agree, Britt, I think I'd really only use it when I was traveling or on the go. I love my hard copies too much!


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