Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Arrrr, Me Mateys, We Have a Winner! (Also, I Be Waitin' on A Fiery Book)

Thanks everyone for entering my contest for The Dust of 100 Dogs by A.S. King. Though I didn't enjoy it much, I am positive someone else will! That's the great thing about books - someone can think it was the worst thing ever written while someone else will think it's the best! Definitely a reason to get more than one opinion on a book, before deciding to read it or not.

I really enjoyed everyone's opinions about pirates. They seem to coincide with my own: some aspects of pirates (the excellent lingo, the humor (at least in the movies), the action, the adventure, the rebellion, etc) are fabulous and fun. Other things (dirty, smelly, thieves, immoral, etc) are not as praise-worthy - especially in modern times - I don't know many people who think pirating today is cool (unless they be pirates). Definitely an interesting historical group!

So, without further ado, the winner is:

pirate penguin
(which seems pretty appropriate) who read the book and did like it! Hurray!

I've sent you an email already, just let me know within the next few days your mailing address and I'll get your copy (paperback) out to you!

On to the second subject of the day - the release of the much anticipated sequel to Hunger Games, Catching Fire. I have spent the last several months attempting by any means (except piracy, hmmm) to obtain an ARC, but with no luck. So, I got me an Amazon preorder.

Unfortunately, my husband's credit card was lost and we had to cancel it. And since Amazon doesn't charge until they ship, we got a notice from them indicating our card wasn't working (yesterday). Which means I won't get the book for probably another THREE DAYS!!! I am not sure I can handle it, especially when all the conversations and reviews start popping up!

So, if my posts become increasingly desperate in tone, you'll understand and forgive, right?


  1. yay! I'll email you right now. :)

    that stinks that you'll have to wait a little longer for Catching Fire. I've entered all the contests for the ARC and no luck...oh well! at least it's finally here right?! :D


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