Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Book Review: The Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan

The Demon's Lexiconis the intriguing story of Nick and his brother Alan who have been running from magicians all their lives. They never live in one place for long, always packing up to move when they are discovered. Then, a mysterious brother and sister show up with a big problem and they must seek after those who sought them.

The Demon's Lexicon (The Demon's Lexicon Trilogy)

Things I Liked:
I actually had heard good things about this book, but thought I probably wouldn't like it much. But, a welcome surprise, I loved it! It was a really suspenseful and exciting story. I found myself very invested in the characters, especially Nick, though he displays the least emotions. The interactions between Alan and Nick were interesting and real - how I imagine a lot of brothers interact. I also loved the sarcastic humor, probably because my family uses sarcastic humor. I actually figured out a huge plot twist before it was revealed, but that didn't detract from my enjoyment at all. I especially loved the choices Nick had to make near the end of the book and how he had to think about himself deeply. A thoughtful and well written story.

Things I Didn't Like:
I really hate the cover - the guy looks too cheesy for me. I think I might be in the minority on that though. I actually got hung up on the third person narrator a few times. I thought it might have been better told from Nick's perspective. But, it didn't bother me much during the action. I also noticed a minor flaw in the story that didn't get picked up on by the editors. Again, though, I really didn't care.

It was a bit like the The Abhorsen Chroniclesby Garth Nix
I was also reminded of The Bartimaeus Trilogyby Jonathan Stroud

s-factor: !@
a couple scattered throughout

mrg-factor: X
some suggestion, but nothing described

v-factor: ->->
there is some slashing and killing

Overall rating: ****

What is one of your "pleasantly surprised" reads?


  1. I've really been looking forward to this one. And I agree on the cover. I like the UK one much better. But your comments on the sarcastic humor and the brother interaction really have me excited. Thanks for the review!

  2. Angiegirl, I hope you like it! I better go check out the UK cover.

  3. My teenager refused to read it, because the guy looks like he has lipstick on. I may have to check it out again.

  4. I like the read-alikes, so I'd probably like this one too. You're right--the cover is horrid. I never would have picked it up off the shelf.

  5. Sharon, yeah, I felt like I had to hide the cover from people. It is unfortunate.

    Cara, I wouldn't have picked it up without all the great reviews I've seen. I'd say it's worth the embarrassment to get it :)

  6. Cover didn't bother me, but I LOVED this. A great one for students who demand horror and suspense. There is a sequel in the offing as well.


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