Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dear Anne

For a delightful mini-challenge here, I thought I would send a letter to Anne Shirley, from the beloved Anne of Green Gables books.

Dear Anne Shirley,

I mostly wanted to write this letter to you to find out how your mind works. I know that you have such an imaginative mind, and I just need to tap into that creativity.

It seems even from a very young age, you were able to create things in your mind. You renamed anything and everything from the White Way of Delight to the Lake of Shining Waters. Each name seemed just as lovely and unique as the last. How do you do it?

You see, Anne, I have been trying to write a book. Wow. I really had no idea that it would take so much effort and will power. I am not sure I have it in me. I know that you seem to just be brimming with ideas and the perfect turn of a phrase. Would you mind giving me some advice on how to tap my own inner imagination? It seems to be lost. Tell me how to see the beauty in everyday things - trees, flowers, rivers, and my job. And give me a few pointers on how to express these thoughts properly on paper.

With great thanks for anything you can share,


And just as an update:
books finished: still only 1 :(
hours read since last update: 4h 15m
total hours: 8h 35m
pages since last update: 112 (on paper) 74 (on audio)
total pages: 417

I gotta get moving a bit more, eh?


  1. I can't believe I have gone my entire life without reading these books. I have the first Anne Shirley book on my TBR pile. I think I may have to start it soon. Awesome letter!

  2. Corresponding with Anne would be so much fun! Happy reading! Don't get discouraged!

  3. Oh, I love Anne, too - fun! I think you are doing a great job - don't get discouraged by only 1 book. Just have fun!!

  4. Loved this! I desperately wanted to either be Anne or have her as my best friend when I was little. :D

  5. I adored Anne growing up. I wanted to live in her world!
    You are doing great!


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