Thursday, September 15, 2011

BBAW Day 4: Readers and the Seven Realms

Another day of BBAW fun and I am excited for this topic. Today BBAW asks: Has blogging changed the way I read?

The short answer: Yes.

To elaborate on this, my post today is the perfect example.  Today, I am talking about my love for the Seven Realms series by Cinda Williams Chima.   But not in the same way I would have before the blog.  Not only do I talk about the love, but now I have the chance to literally share it.

See, back in the pre-blog days, I'd occasionally rave to people about awesome books.  Now, I can rave, I can interact with authors, and I can participate in book celebrations, like this one.  It adds a whole new dimension (or two or three...) to the reading experience.  I love the author interactions, the celebrations and read-alongs and countdowns and cover reveals and giveaways that populate the book blogging world.  I love to host and to simply participate.  All these things have increased my enjoyment and give depth to my reading experience.  And, of course, it's fun too! :)  So, to illustrate, here we go:

As you may recall, I've raved about this series before (specifically The Exiled Queen and The Gray Wolf Throne)- it's pretty much everything you could hope for in an epic fantasy, especially a world so rich and deep it's almost impossible to distinguish it from our own.  It's the kind of book that you fall into and emerge calling yourself Frodo or Arwen or dressing in robes and clutching wands because you're so obsessed with the characters.  A story that will bring something new every time you reread it.

Emily of Emily's Reading Room invited me to join in this Seven Realms celebration by posting part of a puzzle that when put together will spell a secret word that will allow you to enter to win a set of signed Seven Realms books.  You can also change your Twitter avatar to one of the pictures below (each one represents a group from the books) and tweet using the hashtag #sevenrealms for more chances to win!

My piece of the puzzle:

You can find the links to the other pieces of the puzzle at Emily's Reading Room.

Once you have the word, email it to Emily (emilysreadingroom(at)gmail.com) with the subject: Seven Realms Week.

Below are the images to use for Twitter.  The crown represents the Queen’s Guard, the ring represents the Clans, and the amulet represents the Wizards.  On Facebook you can change your profile picture as well, and post on the Provo City Library’s Facebook Page they are offering another set of the books, signed.

So, what has blogging changed in your reading experience?

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  1. awww--an audience to rave about books to, that is the best part of book blogging

  2. Okay fine! I will add these books to my pile too! :)

  3. Sigh! I've had the first book in this series on my shelf forever. I believe you were even the one who recommended it. On Tuesday I actually get to go hear the author speak and get my book signed...maybe that will encourage me to read it already!

  4. It's so great to share your love of a book with people who actually care!

  5. kaye, indeed and it's nice to know they are sometimes listening :)

    Suey, yeah! Hopefuly you'll like them and it will be worth it.

    Jenny, I am so jealous you get to go hear her. I almost had my sister-in-law convinced to go for me and get my books signed, but she couldn't. I'd love to hear your thoughts if you do read them.

    cheapreader, so true.

  6. Okay, I definitely need to make this series one of the next ones I read!

  7. I agree with everything you said :) I'm also big fan of the Seven Realms series!!!

  8. Having someone to talk about books with is my favourite thing. Well, the friends that I have met anyway.

  9. The Seven Realms celebration sounds really neat -- very creative! Readalongs are one of my favorite community activities. I just love reading books with other people!

  10. Ashley, yeah! You'll love it (I hope :)

    Aleksandra, I'm finding there are more of us than I thought!

    kailana, I love having people to chat about books with online. It's comforting!

    Erin, I know! I wish I'd come up with the idea myself :)

  11. The ability/opportunity to discuss books with others is probably the biggest change to my reading life - outside of the hundreds of books that now crowd my shelves. It is this opportunity which keeps me coming back to blogging!


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