Saturday, February 12, 2011

Best. Trip. Ever.

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I'm playing along again with this meme, and the question this week is about our favorite trip ever.  

Actually, I'm not sure I could say that there is one trip I've taken that was 100% the best ever.  I've had many fabulous trips in my life, some fabulous because of the location, and some because of the people I was with.  

In the first category, I have my trip to Paris with my high school friends, my trip to Japan with my mom, and my trip to the Czech Republic with my hubby to visit my parents.  In the second category are all the fantastic camping trips I've had with my family (beautiful place with my favorite people), my first trip to Disneyland with my college roommates (so much fun), my second trip to Disneyland with my hubby (his first trip), and so many many other family vacations.  

I wish I had digital photos from all of these trips, so I could share some of these memories, but I'll just show you a very small portion of what I do have, from my trip to the Czech Republic.

Loved this clock tower:

Me and my lion friend:

One of many very cool castles!

Mr. Darcy wishes he lived here!

One of many beautiful cathedrals

Little renaissance village:

Sweet little castle:

I love castles :)

And cathedrals on a hill:

Loved how these windows were replaced with abstract images (during communist rule), but are surrounded by religious panels that weren't broken during WWII

And there happen to be beautiful outdoor locations as well!

Plus, I really enjoyed the libraries and other bookish places that we were able to visit while there.   Check out these beautiful libraries and book museum.

What is (one of) your favorite trips?

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  1. I went to Switzerland with my mom, aunt and cousin when I was 14. It was so much fun. I also really enjoy going out to Washington, DC every once in awhile.

  2. Is that a missionary tag in the "sweet little castle" picture? Super fun!! I would LOVE to go to the Czech Republic - that's where my mother's family is from, they came through Ellis Island in 1905. My own favorite trip was either Germany or Wales. So crazy beautiful with wonderful history :)

  3. Wow! I would have never thought it would be so beautiful in the Czech Republic. I'm not sure why I thought differently, but your pictures are just gorgeous! I love the clock tower especially...so neat! What an amazing trip! Thanks for sharing it, now I have another place to add to my list of "places to see."

  4. Emily, there are always so many other places I want to see, when people talk about their trips there :) Switzerland sounds beautiful!

    Corinne, yes it is a missionary tag! My parents served there. I imagine it would be amazing to visit the homelands of your ancestors - that's one reason I'd like to go to Wales!

    1stdaughter, I guess you can probably find a little of everything where you least expect it. But, yes, it is gorgeous! I wish we'd been able to visit more rural areas, but we saw so much. I know I'm always adding new places to my "I want to visit" list.


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