Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hard at Work

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For this week's topic, we get to talk about jobs we hated or were embarrassed by.  Well, it turns out I haven't had a lot of formal jobs in my short career.  Probably about seven total.  The one that I still get grumpy about wasn't exactly a formal job.  I worked for a friend of my father's who owns a small business.  He pretty much runs it himself with occasional help from some of my other siblings and then myself.  Essentially, I would fill orders and ship the product.  Sometimes I'd do mailings, which were a pain.  It may not sound that bad, but I had my reasons for hating it.  

First, it made me get out of my comfort zone on a daily basis.  I know that people encourage you to get out of it, but I really liked my zone at that time (and still do like it :)  Often, it required me to answer the phone and talk to strangers.  This is still one of my all-time top ten things I hate.  I'm shy, so I don't like it (good thing I never did work for a call center).  

Then, I had to go to the post office and send the packages with a credit card number written on a piece of paper.  That is correct, I was not trusted enough to take the actual plastic with me.  This made for some rather uncomfortable moments when payment would be necessary and I'd hand over a crumpled up paper with numbers written on it.  Sometimes I'd have people who were familiar with me and my boss' methods of sending packages.  Other times, they'd look at me, expecting something more.  Always it caused me huge amounts of embarrassment and much redness of face.  I loathed it.  Going to work was a dreaded nightmare.  

I also didn't much like my boss as a person, though he was a close friend of my dad's, so I never really said much about it.  He made me feel uncomfortable in the sense that he'd always ask me questions to see how smart I was (seriously).  Let's just say, I was not sorry to move on.

What about you?

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  1. How odd!! Why would he give you the numbers on his card but just not the card. Just that alone doesn't seem right especially when he was a family friend. I can see why you were uncomfortable.

  2. I really hate when people say you should get out of your comfort zone...I mean, it's not like you chose the zone, it's just part of who you are! I feel like they're telling me I should not be myself because I'm unacceptable or something.

    Talking on the phone to strangers is one of my least favorite things too. I've been so glad that in recent years, you can order things like delivery foods online without actually speaking to those people!

  3. This sounds terrible. I'm not one who enjoys working for family or friends of family, because I've felt like, in the past, they seem to take advantage of the situation. It's not always intentional, but they do and it's hard to object without offending them. It's probably a good thing you don't have to do that anymore!

  4. CMash, it was pretty awkward :)

    Crystal, I'm so glad I'm not the only one with phone issues and getting out of my comfort zone!

    1stdaughter, I agree that working with family or close friends can be more difficult, especially if you have to leave for some reason. I'm truly glad to not do that anymore!

  5. It is strange how many bloggers have issues with the phone and are shy....

    I would have been mortified, walking in with the card numbers on a sheet of paper!

  6. Gwen, I know, I thought I was alone in my shyness, but there are so many of us! It was quite mortifying :)


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