Friday, September 17, 2010

BBAW Day 5: Future Treasures

This was a hard post to write.  Well, the second half anyway.  I'll admit I am terrible with making goals (and even worse at following through).  But, as far as things I love about BBAW, that isn't too hard.  I loved finding new blogs, and I love that the links will be there for longer than this week and I'll be able to find new blogs for months to come (I didn't visit nearly as many blogs as I'd like to).  I especially loved the Forgotten Treasures we told each other about.  I hope we all pick one of those up and read it, if only to find out what makes another person tick.  I hope someone somewhere picks up Precious Bane and finds a new friend in that book.  

And now, on to the hard part.  I may have cheated a little and looked at other people's blogs first for ideas.  But, that is another one of the benefits of BBAW - a whole truckload of ideas!  Here are three that I finally settled on:

1. Not reading so much and feeling so stressed about finishing books on time that I no longer enjoy reading.  This is actually something I've been feeling coming on for a few weeks.  I have to step back, remember why I love to read, and then find some books that will pull me out of the "I have to finish this by" funk.  

2. Write some more thoughtful reviews.  I notice that with the above problem, my reviews start to all sound the same and I use those cliche words over and over.  If I liked something, why did I like it?  If I didn't, why not?  This will take a little more time when writing reviews, but I think will totally improve the quality of them.  (At the same time, if I can't think of why or why not, I'm not going to bang my head against that review until I figure it out.  So, maybe only some of my reviews will improve! :)

3. Get a new project that I've been sitting on going.  I've been thinking about starting this new feature at my blog which I think will be a lot of fun, but I've been stalled on it.  It will actually require quite a bit of time at first, but I think once I get it going, it will not be as difficult.  I'd like to see the first post go up in a few weeks time at the latest.  I hope you check back and see if I actually accomplish this one.  

So, what are your blogging goals?

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  1. Hi Melissa - I completely understand the "gaah! must finish" pressure. I am extremely picky in my acceptance of review copies because I'm so ADD in my reading - I don't want that pressure of getting a review done ASAP when I'm having a start-itis attack :)

  2. Blog? What blog? *blinks thrice* OH! THAT BLOG! Yeah, to actually update my blog would be an accomplishment for me.

  3. Oh, cool. I look forward to a new feature. You've got me very curious indeed.

  4. I love your goals. I can definitely commiserate with you on #1. Sometimes I am guilty of putting pressure on myself to finish a book within a certain amount of time. I have to give myself permission to put my book down if I don't feel like reading at the moment.

  5. Melissa, I've definitely become more selective in my acceptance, though sometimes I throw caution to the wind. :)

    Lauren, I'm sure I'll hit that stage in life where I don't update much anymore. Maybe sooner than I think!

    Suey, I think it's fun, but sometimes my ideas don't translate well into blogging...

    Stephanie, I'm working on that permission. Sometimes I think it's ok and sometimes I freak out. But, I'm trying.

  6. Not getting stressed about the amount I am reading is a great one!

  7. Amused, why is this such a problem with so many of us? I don't like feeling pressured to read more and faster. Reading is to relax, not stress out more :)


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