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Book Review: The Demon's Covenant by Sarah Rees Brennan

The Demon's Covenant by Sarah Rees Brennan
Publisher: Simon and Schuster (Margaret K. McElderry)
Publication date: May 2010
ISBN: 9781416963813

Source: Library

The Demon's Covenant (The Demon's Lexicon Trilogy) 

Mae is still reeling from all the events that happened in London.  She's struggling to come to terms with her own guilt over the dead magician.  But, when Jamie becomes entangled with a powerful magician, she calls on the Ryves brothers to help them again.  Alan, the sweet and kind brother, looking out for others.  Nick, the cold and inhuman one, attempting to be more human.  Mae is finding that everyone has a plan for Jamie, but none of them are going to tell her.  All the people she's trusted are lying to her, leaving her to make her own plans to save Jamie. 

Things I Liked:
I remember being so delighted after I read The Demon's Lexicon - it surprised and impressed me with its excellent storyline and awesome characters.  This book continues in that vein.  I absolutely love (like Angie) that this book is about siblings.  Alan and Nick are definitely not your everyday brothers, but their interactions are believable.  Mae and Jamie have a strong and yet complicated bond between them.  And the sarcastic humor that they all seem to constantly spout at one another is so much fun to read!  The beginning of the story isn't quite as intense and edge of your seat action-packed as later in the book.  But that ending!  There is a lot going on and surprises coming all over the place.  I loved it, and wanted more when it ended.  What a great, unique, well-written series.  Some of my favorite parts:

A streetlamp above slowly winked its single evil orange eye, and night swallowed them at a gulp.  The light sputtered back on with a grudging crackle and night spat them up... p 1-2
"My big plan to save Nick before you arrived was to toss a kettle at the magician's head."
Alan grinned. "You willing to defend me with a kettle?"
"Putting your faith in my awesome kettle-wielding skills doesn't strike me as your brightest idea ever." p 122
Mae was a bit impressed with how he seemed to look at the appliance and instantly comprehend its mysteries, when she'd been heating up ready-made meals for years by a method of pressing random buttons and hoping. p273
Things I Didn't Like:
I admit the ending kind of confused as well as delighted me.  There was so much going on at once that I think I missed stuff (and would have reread parts of it, if it hadn't been due at the library right away).  I wish there had been a bit more action earlier and a bit less confusion later.  But still a favorite of mine this year and a five star read!


Definitely pick up The Demon's Lexicon by Brennan first
Reminds me a little of the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare

s-factor: !@
not overwhelming amounts

mrg-factor: XX 
nothing explicit, though lots of sensuality

v-factor: ->->->
swords and knives and guns, what do you expect?

Overall rating: *****

Have you read this series?  What do you think of the sibling relationships?

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  1. I've read Demon's Lexicon and still have to get this one. It sounds really good though.

  2. Great review, Melissa! As you know, I completely agree with you. The sets of siblings in this series are top notch and the humor kills me. The end of this one just accelerated like crazy until I was gasping at the end. Can't wait for #3!

  3. Honey, I'm pretty much addicted to the series, so for sure I recommend this one!

    Angie, I think it was on your recommendation I picked up Lexicon, so I have much to thank you for introducing me to the series! I loved your sibling analysis (obviously).


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