Saturday, December 12, 2009

Book Review: Evermore by Alyson Noel

Evermoreis the story of Ever - her family was killed in a car accident, leaving her behind alone. Ever since the accident, she has unusual abilities - seeing people's future, their thoughts, their aura. But, the abilities are a burden to her desire for a normal existence. She tries to block out all the noise with earphones and hooded sweatshirts. Until she meets Damen, who can silence others' thoughts with a touch of his hand. Not only that, but he is gorgeous, mysterious, and very interested in her.

Things I Liked:
I thought the book had some intriguing ideas with Ever's abilities and what Damen turns out to be (trying to avoid any spoilers). Noel has created a fairly interesting world, a good mix of fantasy and reality. I like the fantasy elements, and also Ever's sister.

Things I Didn't Like:
All that said, I really didn't like the book. I didn't like the romance, probably because I hated Damen. He was terribly confusing, rude, and annoying. I also found myself being a bit bored with the story - it wasn't very exciting and turned out rather predictable. I can see the appeal of the story, since it was very much another Twilight with a somewhat different take. When all the crazy stuff starting happening, I found this line described how I felt perfectly:
"Everything's so weird, so strange, and none of it makes any sense." p248
I probably won't be reading any of the sequels.

Absolutely, it joins the ranks of Twilight-alikes.
Reminded me as well of Need by Carrie Jones

s-factor: !@#$

mrg-factor: XX
a couple of parts, mainly innuendo

v-factor: ->
some blood and fighting

Overall rating: **

What is your favorite Twilight read-alike - or do you hate all things even remotely like Twilight?

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  1. I got the book you sent me on Friday! Thank you very much! I LOVE Louis L'Amour!

  2. Oh, I'm so glad! I feel bad I didn't get to send a little note. Guess that's the drawback of shipping straight to you from Amazon...

  3. Wow... tell us how you really feel. hehe.

    This book was definitely a little over the top.

  4. NotNessie, yeah, it is kind of a ranty post. But, I figured I should post about not liking it anyway :) Have you read the sequels? Are they as over the top?


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