Wednesday, January 28, 2015

2014 by the Numbers

Baby loves reading too!
And here's a bare bones record of stats for the year 2014.  Nothing too exciting or different this year, unfortunately, except my reading's gone down since having a baby.  Surprise, surprise :).  Then again, I didn't count the billion board books I read or the 50 or so picture books, so there's that. 

Books read in 2014: 74
(as a comparison, I read 130 in 2012, before the baby; 84 in 2013, baby born in June)
DNFs: 5

e-books: 30 (pretty big increase, actually)
audiobooks: 3
print books: 41

For review, both e-books and ARCs: 16
From my collection (not for review): 20 (yeah!)
Borrowed: 2
From the library (including e-books): 36

Reasons: (do we really need them?)
Rereads: 4 (fyi: Lord of the Rings is being counted as three books, since that's how I read them)
Book Club: 7
Read-along: 3 (delightful LOTR read-along)

Age groups/genres:
MG: 14
historical fiction: 2
fantasy: 9
realistic fiction: 1
classic: 1 (Peter and Wendy)
nonfiction: 1

YA: 46
historical fiction: 3
short stories: 9 (all sci-fi/dystopian)
sci-fi (including dystopian): 12 (+9 short stories)
fantasy: 17 (including 4 historical fantasy...)
realistic fiction: 4 (though, I'm not sure what to call Second Star - magical realism?)
classic: 1 (Tom Sawyer)

Adult: 14
historical fiction: 3
fantasy: 4
realistic fiction: 1 
mystery(!): 4 (I don't even like mystery, in general)
nonfiction: 2

Female: 49 (dominated the YA category)
Male: 23 (dominated the MG category)
Male/Male: 1
Male/Female: 1

And despite my enthusiasm for stats, I have no desire to make charts or otherwise analyze my numbers.  I did, however, make a goal to read 80 books this year, a jump of 6 from last year.  Totally doable.  Especially if I count picture books :)


  1. Awesome stats! :D Thanks again for participating in the LotR read-along.

    1. Thanks for hosting - wish I was joining your North and South one :(

  2. Pretty impressive stats for a new mommy! And, by the way, your baby is ADORABLE :)


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