Monday, October 11, 2010

Name That Book: Episode 2

Name that Book is a biweekly game where you get to guess a book title from the photo clues.  Occasionally there will be prizes for the winner.

I hope you all took the opportunity to do your own book puzzle for the read-a-thon last Saturday.  It was lots of fun to see others' creations (and they were so good)!  It's been two weeks since my first episode, so here we are with another two titles.  I don't have any prizes to offer this time, except bragging rights, so you can leave your guesses in the comments.  If you don't want to spoil it for yourself, don't read others' comments :)

Book 1:

Book 2:

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  1. My guess on the first one is "Daughter of the Forest" (one of my favorites!). I'm still thinking about the second one... (trying to determine if there is something in the middle picture or if it is just black)

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  3. 1) Girl of the Limberlost?
    2) A curse as dark as Gold


    Please keep them coming! I'm pretty sure that my #1 is wrong!

  4. Gayle, you are correct on #1! And Jenna, you are correct on #2! Between the two of you, you got them both right - thanks for playing.


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