Saturday, April 10, 2010

So Glad I Have Fruit...

Just taking a quick break to do an update:

Hours read: 2.5
Pages read: 147
Books read: 0 (still working away at The Timekeeper's Moon)

Also, since I just happened to be reading several passages about food/eating in The Timekeeper's Moon, I thought I'd participate in Nicole of Linus's Blanket's mini-challenge.  Here's a particularly icky one:

"Rattlers like Tattler, and - Ooh." She spun back to them. "You bring me some food? Nice swamp food? Not snakes?" p 134
Yes, that's right - the poor woman was eating rattlesnakes. No wonder swamp food sounded good to her. Anywho, since I haven't really got a photo I can take of snakes as food, I thought I'd just use this lovely thing:


Sure makes me glad for my snacks :)

And now, back to my reading!

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  1. EEEEWWWWWWW keep on reading...maybe try another book.
    Just kidding... keep on keeping on.

  2. I am really glad you have fruit too. I have never had any, mind you, but snakes just don't seem as appealing.

  3. My Book
    by David L. Harrison

    I did it!
    I did it!
    Come and look at what I've done!
    I read a book!
    When someone wrote it
    Long ago
    For me to read,
    How did he know
    That this was the book
    I'd take from the shelf
    And lie on the floor
    And read by myself?
    I really read it!
    Just like that!
    Word by word,
    From first to last!


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