Thursday, February 11, 2010

*Insert Squealing Here*

I was very happy (possible understatement) to see the good news from Scholastic this morning!  I will be posting a review later this morning, so check back, but I had to comment on this.

See the pretty new cover (and title)?

I think it looks lovely with the other covers, especially with the beautiful message of the bird being set free (which I admit I didn't see until we got the third cover).  I think the color choice is bold, since it doesn't quite fit with the darker and more vivid colors of the first two.  Perhaps that's part of the message too?

The Hunger Games  Catching Fire (The Second Book of the Hunger Games)  Photobucket

Any predictions for the plot of the third book? Thoughts on the cover? Declarations of team spirit?

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  1. I love the cover, although the color doesn't seem to reflect the tone of the first two, which makes me even more curious as to what it is about! I can't wait. Can't wait.

  2. Brodi, that's an excellent point! I wonder if the tone of the book is different and the cover reflects that. Then again, I do expect there to be a lot of violence and bloodshed, so the happy little bird on the light blue cover might be a bit deceiving.

  3. I didn't realize about the bird being set free either, until you put all three covers side by side. Very cool.

    Can't wait. (Oh: is it bad to want Peeta to be a traitor for interest?)

  4. Melissa, ooh that sounds like a good twist! (Especially because I'm kinda partial to Gale myself.)

  5. I am firmly on Team Peeta - but I would love some intrigue! I am so excited about this book, and the cover has just made me even more excited!

  6. Caroline, I'm pretty much good with whatever Katsa chooses (I think), but intrigue sounds very good!

  7. OOH! I really like what Melissa suggested; that Peeta be a traitor or well...die an honourable death or something :) Yes I am 100% Team Gale!

    I wonder what Suzanne Collins is going to do after she finishes writing The Hunger Games Trilogy...I really really hope she writes another series!!!!

  8. Amy, an honorable death sounds good to me, though I think it more likely it would be Gale who died (which would make me sad, too, I promise). Yes, let's hope she does write another series!

  9. I'm very much team Gale too... I don't know why, I just think he knows Katniss the best. I just wish Peeta were easier to hate! But I think his death would be the best; you know, the ultimate sacrifice to prove his love for Katniss, would be a real tear-jerker.

    You guys think there'll be a third hunger games?

  10. It's true Peeta is too lovable (some of the time). Hope you liked it!


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