Thursday, January 21, 2010

Unsung Heroes of the YA World

You know I can't resist an opportunity to combine list-making with praising books.  Thank you to Kelly from YAnnabe for thinking of this fabulous idea. Here is my list of The Best YA Books You Haven't Read (be sure to follow that link for other excellent lists).

The Princess and the Hound by Mette Ivie Harrison
Keturah and Lord Death by Martine Leavitt
The Maze Runner by James Dashner
Mara Daughter of the Nile by Eloise Jarvis McGraw
The Schwa was Here by Neal Shusterman
Crown Duel and Court Duel by Sherwood Smith
Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow by Jessica Day George
Enthusiasm by Polly Shulman

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  1. Ooh, I loved Keturah and Lord Death! And Enthusiasm! But I haven't read the others, so I will definitely be checking them out. :)

  2. Just added "Keturah and Lord Death" to my TBR. I've heard of it before, but just haven't gotten around to reading it yet!

  3. You and I will get along great. List-making=FUN!

    Great picks. It's the 3rd time I've seen Enthusiasm on an Unsung YA post, so that bodes well for it making it into the uber-list post on Monday!

  4. I have a friend named Keturah. Wonder if she's read it?

  5. Court, I hope you like the other ones!

    Katie, it really is a good one!

    Kelly, I hope it does make the list.

    Lenore, an excellent name - is she married? :)

  6. Excellent list, Melissa. I adore both the Court Books and Ketura. And there are a couple to add to my list, too. Yay!

  7. I recently read another retelling of EotSWotM and loved it, so I'm definitely going to have to check out Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow. :D

  8. Melissa, there are so many of these lists, I'm afraid I will have tripled my TBR pile!

    Anastasia, it is fabulous, hope you like it!


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