Thursday, June 25, 2009

Book Review: The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley

The Blue Swordis introduced to Harry after she is abducted from her home by Corlath, the king of the mysterious Hillfolk. While adjusting to the strangely familiar customs of the country, Harry begins to train as a warrior without quite knowing why - until she wields the blue sword.

If ever there was a classic fantasty story that every person should read, this is it! When I discovered this book, I was blown away by the story, McKinley's beautiful writing, and the character Harry. She is the perfect sword-wielding tough fantasy heroine and I haven't forgotten about her since. While the prequel The Hero and the Crown won the Newbery and this only got an honor, I love this book a lot more than its prequel. But, once you pick either of them up, you won't be able to put it back down. *note: not all of McKinley's books are written for kids and teens - she has some adult titles as well that may contain content for more mature audiences*

Definitely pick up the prequel The Hero and the Crown(watch for my review coming soon)
Try Chalice, Rose Daughterand Spindle's Endby McKinley
A little like the Abhorsen Trilogyby Garth Nix (which has a pending review as well)

s-factor: none

(that I recall)

mrg-factor: none

v-factor: ->->

Some fighting, but not graphic.

Overall rating: *****


  1. Oooh this sounds good. I love a good fantasy book. Thanks for the review.

  2. I LOVE these books!! The first Robin McKinley's I ever read!

  3. Cari, I assure you, you won't be sorry when you pick this up.

    Britt, it was my first McKinley too! And still my favorite.


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