Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Book Review: Chalice by Robin McKinley

Chaliceis a story about a girl trying to understand her unexpected new role as Chalice to a demesne with a new and very different Master. Second in power only to this Master, Chalice tries to understand her new role and the power and difficulties it presents, while getting to know the Master. The Master, newly brought back from being a fire priest, is finding it difficult to return to his normal human life. When the overlord threatens the uneasy peace they are trying to settle, Chalice does all she can to settle the land and the people, but will it be enough?


While my synopsis is probably terribly confusing, I did not find the book to be nearly as confusing. I really love McKinley's beautiful writing style - her descriptions are just gorgeous. The story is interesting and suspenseful in places as well. McKinley has created another fantastic world with a strong female heroine. I wished things might be a little more explained and wanted to learn more about the characters, but overall, a wonderful story! (I have become a real fan of lots of McKinley's stuff, but be aware that her more adult titles have mrg stuff.)

s-factor: none

(that I recall)

mrg-factor: none

v-factor: ->

A little involving fire, but not gory.

Overall rating: ****

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