Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Book Review: Nice and Mean by Jessica Leader

Nice and Mean by Jessica Leader
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication date: June 2010
ISBN: 9781416991601
Source: ARC provided by author

Nice and Mean 

Marina is mean, while Sachi is nice.  The two girls are just as different as possible.  Which is why they are both unhappy to be assigned partners on a video project.  Marina wants to do a fashion video, while also exacting revenge on one of her frenemies.  Sachi would rather do something meaningful, with interviews.  Will they be able to find some way to work together?

Things I Liked:
It was a fun and interesting look at the life of tween girl politics.  Marina simply annoyed for almost the entire book, but when she realized just what she was like, I liked that she tried to change.  I also liked that it wasn't a total turnaround.  She didn't turn into a sweet and nice girl in all ways, but she did manage to tone down her attitude.  Sachi was the one I identified with, as I believe I was much like her.  Quiet and easily walked over.  [Hopefully I was nice, too!]  I liked how she saw that she was that way and found small things to do to change that.  It was an accurate if somewhat scary look at middle school girls.  Scary, in that I really didn't remember being that obsessed with fashion, looks, and being so nasty when in seventh grade.  Guess I am out of date.

Things I Didn't Like:
It was really slow moving.  There didn't appear to be much in the way of plot, but it was more like a character development exercise than much of a story.  I'm sure tween girls will enjoy the drama.

Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

Shug by Jenny Han
I So Don't Do Makeup by Barrie Summy

s-factor: none

mrg-factor: none

v-factor: none

Overall rating: ****

Am I the only one who seems to have blocked my junior high experience?

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  1. No, I blocked it out because I was a loner with no friends. That and it was filled with impossible boy crushes and embarrassments. The End. Thank goodness we only have to live through Jr. High once.

  2. Nope. I don't remember a thing -- I didn't ever consider that I unconsciously blocked all that!

    I have awarded you "The Versatile Blogger Award." Check it out at http://annettesbookspot.blogspot.com/

    Love following your blog!

  3. Junior High... when was that again?? :) I just found your blog through Annettesbookspot... lovin it so far! I am a new follower. You can check out my blog and follow me back if you want...have a great day!

  4. I didn't block mine, Melissa, but I think I did block the first three years of high school!

  5. Amy, oh the junior high crushes. There really wasn't much to like about that time, was there?

    Annette, thank you so much! And I'm still not sure if it is consciously or unconsciously. :)

    Pris, welcome! Why is junior high so dreadful for nearly everyone?

    Joan, I suppose the timing does vary, but tell me that everyone does have some tween or teen years they wish to forget!


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