Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Shiny New Friend

I was going to post on There's a Book's A Bit of Me(Me) topic for this week, but I thought I'd just go straight for this bit of me:

I've posted a few times about e-readers.  I was quite certain it was highly unlikely I would ever be able to afford one and how I don't think they will replace hard copies.  Both of those are still true, but it just so happens...

Photobucket       Photobucket

This beautiful little friend arrived courtesy of my father-in-law who no longer uses it.  (I guess those shiny iphones are good for something - like getting me free Kindles.)  So, I've been using it, but not as often as I still sit down to read my hard copies.  This might be because of the due dates attached to many of my books, or it might be because I still tend to prefer the actual text.  Either way, I am not going to deny that I like it, I use it, and I think it has its uses.  

What about you?  E-reader now, e-reader someday, or e-reader never?

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  1. hehe. I like that you have a really old, pretty book on your header and a shiny Kindle in the post.

    My husband just ordered a Kindle from Woot.com for me the other day. I already own a Sony Reader and love it. I still mostly read print books as well, but I really like the portability of an e-reader for trips and for books I don't really care about owning in paper.

    I hope you continue enjoying it! It looks awesome!

  2. I prefer good old fashioned books... However, if somebody was to give me an e-reader for free, I certainly wouldn't complain! :D

  3. We quized the B&N customer service rep about Nook for an hour last weekend...didn't walk out with one, but will probably get one soon. I think there is room for both loving hard copy books, and having and e-reader.

  4. I'm so glad you linked up! And now...am incredibly jealous. I saw a preview at the movies today for a kids version of an eReader and I thought, "no way is my son getting one before I do!" But I'm in the same boat as you...not enough funds and too many other things that take precedence over an eReader. But Yay! I'm so glad to hear your father-in-law is so happy with his iPhone! ;)

  5. Carin, I hadn't even thought about it - that is rather ironic! I definitely think it will make traveling lighter :)

    Nikki-ann, I still prefer them too, but, like you, I didn't say no when it came :)

    Gerbera Daisy, I'm pretty happy with both hard copies and the e-reader.

    1stdaughter, I completely agree! I would be super upset if my kids had gotten one before me (mind you, we don't have any kids yet, so the odds were in my favor).

  6. I've had my Kindle for almost a year and I love it. I still read alot of old fashioned books for the same reasons you stated but I would never be without an ereader again. I actually just posted about buying a Nook tonight. Do I need it, NO but sometimes I have no darn self control.

  7. It's such a coincidence that you posted about the Kindle. I've been umming and ahhing about buying one because:-

    1. I'm in Australia and don't have as many books available in our "Kindle" store.

    2. The ebook prices are still similar to how much I can get paperback books from.

    3. I still love my printed books and if it's series' I like I buy a box set and love having it on display, so it will definitely not replace hard copies for me.

    Lastly I wanted to go another ebook reader because Kindle only offers their proprietary format whereas Nook/Sony etc also offers the epub standard. However, there are no other store that sells ebooks with as much books as the Kindle store nor ones as cheap from what I've seen.

    CONGRATULATIONS with your new gadget and hope you enjoy :D

  8. What an awesome FiL! Congrats on your new Kindle. I have one but I don't use it as much as I should!

  9. Well, I love books, and the smell the old ones have, but I do believe that a kindle could come in handy. I have too many books in my room as it is.

    On the other hand, I have enough electronic boxes, and I'm addicted to the Internet as it is. So, probably not! :)

  10. Don't get me wrong, I love tree books, but ever since I put the Kindle app on my iPod, I have totally seen the use.

    I only use mine at night, when I can't sleep. I tuck in under the covers so as not to disturb my hubs and read away. Insomnia sucks, Kindles and other e-readers Rock!

  11. Senora, I'm with you on the self-control. If only I had the money...

    Angelica, those are some good reasons for and against one. I don't know if I'd have gotten a kindle given a choice, but I'll take what I can get.

    reviewsbylola, I'd like to use it more, I haven't used it enough. :)

    Lauren, it definitely cuts down on book buying (though, I don't know how much...)

    Gwen, I completely agree - they both are very useful. Good idea with reading under the covers, though I'd still need a light.

  12. Lucky! That's awesome.

    I need to borrow my aunt's or something and see if it would bug my eyes reading on one. Not that it's even remotely in the budget.... :)

    I think I'd still read "real" books more, but it would be cool for traveling.

  13. Britt, I haven't used it much, but so far it doesn't hurt my eyes at all. I'm with you on reading more hard copy books, but I'm excited to travel lighter :)

  14. Congrats on your new arrival! :) I love, love, love mine. It's not my sole source of reading, as I obviously am reading library books and my own stacks of TBR copies, but I still really love it and use it all the time. I can't wait to see how you like it as you read more from it. Best wishes!

  15. Thanks, Becky. I'm pretty excited to use it more. I still haven't finished a full book on it yet...

  16. I used to think I'd never get an e-reader, because for me there's nothing like the feel and smell of a book in my hand. That's still true, but I got a Sony Reader for my birthday, and I like it a lot for trips or when I'm running the kids around. It fits nicely in my purse, and I always have a book with me.

  17. Brenda, I figured I'd get one eventually, but not until I had LOTS of money :) I like its portability too!


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