Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Mad (Lack of) Skills

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This week's question asks what is something you are not good at?  When I was trying to think of something, I came up with several ideas.  First, I'm definitely not good at cooking.  I managed to cause a huge fiasco involving a visit from the fire department and sulfuric acid in the kitchen drain with a simple pot of spaghetti.  I've also totally destroyed cake from a mix:

But, I realized that I generally don't have disasters every time I cook, so that doesn't really qualify.

Next, I thought perhaps I could mention my wretched piano-playing skills.  Despite having spent at least seven years taking lessons, I still can't bang out much on the piano that is recognizable.  (Mind you, not having practiced regularly for at least ten years might have contributed to that.)  But, considering I can read music and play very slowly, I figured that wouldn't really count either.

And that's when it hit me.  Something much less tangible, but oh so obvious.  I am simply not good at talking to strangers.  

Perhaps it's a remnant of having been told as a child never to talk to strangers, but I really have a hard time striking up conversations with people I don't know.  I am a terribly shy person, so talking to people that I know, but not very well, is also a real struggle.  I always manage to feel awkward, like I can't string two words together, let alone a sentence.  Those of you who I've met in real life, at Utah Blogger Parties, can attest to this.  It's definitely one of my biggest weaknesses.  

But, recognizing that is the first step, right?

What's one thing you're not very good at?

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your fire incident. I hope everything's better. :)

    I'm bad at sports. Not only am I badly out of shape, but I am bad at hand-eye coordination. Meaning, when the ball comes towards me, I'm more likely to end up missing it than hitting it.

    What makes it even better is that I have a fear of balls flying towards my face. Playing dodge ball in elementary school can do that to you. So, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that no one passed the ball to me during games when I was a young hobbit.

    I think I got a little better as I got older, but in case you want someone to play on your basketball team, it wouldn't be a good idea to knock on my door. :)

  2. Your cake picture is classic! I love it! And can completely relate to that. Even sadder is that my mom makes wedding cakes for a living, every time I have tried to bake a cake from scratch it always comes out tasting like bland bread or is as hard as a rock. Oh well!

    Being shy is so hard! I was when I was younger and I think it still carries over now some. Don't get me wrong, once you meet me and I feel even the slightest bit comfortable with you I won't shut up. But it's hard just going up to random people I don't know. So, I'm sorry! I'm not sure I have any great advice other than maybe to keep trying. :)

  3. Ugh, I *dread* talking to strangers! I'm not even sure where it comes from, because my parents never really mentioned this particular danger when I was growing up. I hate it so much that if I see strangers getting on an elevator, I'll take the stairs...this happens at least twice every week when I go to work!

    Funny enough, I'm not shy by any means. I just dislike making that conversation with people for no real reason, I think.

  4. Seriously, Melissa, I think we're twins who were separated at birth. I have a similar cake picture, I can barely plunk out a tune on the piano despite years of lessons, and I'm not exactly a social butterfly. Twins, I tell you, twins!!

  5. Talking to strangers is tough, I can totally relate to that and am very shy too. I can talk to anyone via hiding behind my computer but face me and I will smile.

    I Stink

  6. I'm loving these About Me posts you've been doing. I need to join in one of these days I guess.

    I'm lousy at lots and lots of things, but singing stands out at the moment. I always wished I could sing, and I just simply can't. Sad.

    Oh, and you aren't as "bad" at talking as you think you are! :)

  7. This is funny. :) My best friend used real model paints in a batch of frosting for a cake she took to school once. She made several kids violently ill and has never forgotten the horror. It's not funny, but is, all at the same time.

    My bad is VOLLEYBALL. I LOATHE playing the stupid game, and it seems that every summer party I ever went to, and every indoor "activity" night I went to involved a game of volleyball. Inevitably, everyone expected that all the girls liked it, and could play. Sigh. I REALLY hate volleyball, and can't play the stupid sport. I don't even like watching it because of my bad experiences with it.

  8. I didn't think you were bad at talking to strangers when we met at the last UT book blogger social. At least you went around talking to people, which is more than I did, sadly. If you're bad at talking to strangers, I'm horrible.

  9. Lauren, fortunately the fire incident was quite a few years ago. :) Interestingly, I'm fairly good at soccer, but everything else I am quite dreadful at.

    1stdaughter, I'm so glad I'm not alone with cake mixes. Why are they so hard? I've been trying to work on my shyness, too. Not that I go out of my way to overcome it though...

    Crystal, it's good to know even you non-shy people don't like talking to strangers sometimes!

    Susan, I always wanted a twin! This made me so happy :)

    Senora, ah, the computer is so anonymously friendly.

    Suey, you should definitely join in! And thanks for boosting my confidence :)

    Becky, wow - that made me feel a lot better about my cooking. I haven't made anyone violently ill...yet. That is funny about volleyball - as I mentioned, soccer was my only sport.

    Brenda, thanks. I was trying much harder, since the first one I went to I talked to no one. :)

  10. that cake is hilarious.

    I am also TERRIBLE at starting conversations with people I don't know. I always end up saying something totally random or inane.

  11. My blog name is The Introverted Reader. Need I say more? I've worked with the public for--I don't know--12 years now? So I've gotten better because I've had to. Left to my own devices, I really won't talk to people I don't know. If I do know you though, watch out! I turn into a chatterbox! I have to release all that speech I haven't been using on other people!

  12. NotNessie, yeah I usually say something dreadful as well :)

    Jen, I love the name of your blog! I'm not sure I even talk that much when I know people. With my family, that's a different story...


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