Saturday, July 31, 2010

Got Fear?

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This week's topic is about our greatest fears.  I'm not entirely sure what is my greatest fear.  I admit I have a fear of being attacked (really, who doesn't), but I don't often think about that, unless I'm walking home alone in the dark.  I've also got a rather healthy fear of spiders.  So much so that I couldn't bring myself to post a photo of one to illustrate.  But, I decided to focus on one that I've been dealing with particularly these last few months.

The fear is public speaking. At the thought of getting up in front of people, I get chills and my hands start shaking.  My mouth will usually go quite dry as well.  The irony of this, I think, is that I've spoken before audiences quite a few times.  At my high school graduation, I spoke.  In my church, I've given a number of talks.  And most of all, I've been teaching this summer.  Every Monday and Wednesday, I get up in front of about sixty students and lecture for an hour and a half.  And every single time I get the shakes and my brain seems to forget a third of its vocabulary.  It is definitely different than giving a speech or a talk, since you can't really read from a script.  It's rather humorous, I think, that despite having taught this class last summer and almost eight weeks this semester already, that I still manage to get nervous every single time.  Isn't facing your fear supposed to be a good way to overcome it?  

What's one of your fears?

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  1. You've been teaching a class? Cool! I agree that talking in church is awful. I hate it. And you know, when I was a cubmaster, I got nervous every single pack meeting when I had to direct that meeting with just a bunch of boys and their parents. Nearly three years worth I think, and nervous every time. So I'm sure if I was teaching a class I'd be nervous every time no matter how long too.

  2. I agree: I loathe public speaking (though it's not an irrational fear...). But my biggest fear (one which I attempt to address once in a while) is heights (or as Terry Pratchett put it in Hat in the Sky: depths), especially open heights. You get me up high, looking down, and I'm paralyzed to the spot. TERRIFIED.

  3. For me, being really prepared helps greatly combat the public speaking fear. It's only when I'm not well prepared that I get quite nervous.

  4. Yeah, spiders creep me out, too. The big hairy ones, that is.

    I'm more afraid of things like death and drowning. It nearly happened to me twice (drowning), so I don't enjoy the idea of my head being underwater. And I won't be learning to swim any time soon, either. ;)

  5. I totally get the spider thing...yuck! Pictures are almost worse.

    As for the public speaking thing, definitely a problem I have, but more focused on playing my flute. I've been playing for about 25 years now and no matter how many times I've played or how much time I've spent practicing, I still get nervous and shaky. So, yes, I totally understand!

  6. Suey, yes and it is really something (probably stressful is the best description - teachers have earned my greatest respect). Large groups are about the same for me, no matter the age.

    Melissa (the first?), heights get me a bit giddy, but aren't really what I'd call a fear for me.

    Melissa (the second?), it's not really related to preparation, though for sure I'm twice as nervous when I feel unprepared.

    Lauren, my dad is the same way with water - having traumatic experiences can totally have an impact!

    1stdaughter, when I played piano in recitals, it was almost worse than public speaking. So glad I don't have that situation anymore.


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