Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Book Review: Uprising by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Uprisingfollows the stories of three young women in Manhattan during the early 1900s. Bella and Yetta are both immigrants, working in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. Jane is a wealthy American, trying to find meaning in her dull life. The three of them cross paths during the workers' strikes from 1909 to 1910. The climax, of course, occurs during the Triangle Factory Fire of 1911.


This book, while it may have started a bit slow, was absolutely amazing! I found the descriptions of conditions, both living and working, to be unbearably real. I became very involved in the lives and struggles of each of the girls. The ending is absolutely heart-wrenching and beautiful. What I love best (well, almost) was that Ms. Haddix included a list of sources for further reading. I think the best kinds of historical fiction are the ones that make you want to read more about the time period.

s-factor: !

Very little, if any.

mrg-factor: none.

v-factor: ->
The factory fire scene is fairly disturbing, but not terribly violent.

Overall rating: ****

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