Monday, November 30, 2009

Too Much Turkey

Hello friends, welcome back to real life. I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday (in the US anyway) and got plenty of away-from-work/school time.

I did not get nearly enough of my reading done - too much eating and hanging with family - but it was a nice break. I did manage to get a few posts up during the weekend, my library loot for the past two weeks and then my review of North and South for the Classics Circuit Elizabeth Gaskell tour.

Most of the "reading" I did last week ended up as skimming. I've had some unfortunate book choices (not that the books are "bad" just that I don't like them). So, I thought I'd let you know, I won't be reviewing the books that I ended up just skimming, unless it is a review book I've promised to write a review for or one that I nearly finished. If you are interested in knowing about those books, I'll be posting my thoughts in goodreads, so you can find those there (under the skimmed label).

Watch for my review of Fireby Kristin Cashore a little later today (which was NOT an unfortunate choice). Hope you are all recovering from the holiday and the shopping. Anybody got any awesome holiday stories?

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