Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Slow the Flow

Fortunately, things have slowed down on my holds list (I keep having to speed read through books to get them back in time - I'm a no-late-fees-nazi). I was very excited to pick up these delights:

If You're Reading This, It's Too Lateby Pseudonymous Bosch
Evermoreby Alyson Noel
Liarby Justine Larbalestier
Obernewtynby Isobelle Carmody
Going Bovineby Libba Bray
Al Capone Does My Shirtsby Gennifer Choldenko
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secretsby J.K. Rowling (book on CD)
Fairy Taleby Cyn Balog

I guess to make up for my smaller list, I managed to win a bag of books from Scholastic's On Our Minds blog (poor me). All these goodies came in a fabulous canvas book bag:

Mary Tudor: Courageous Queen or Bloody Mary?by Jane Buchanan
Ivan the Terrible: Tsar of Deathby Sean Price
Ruined: A Novelby Paula Morris
Beingby Kevin Brooks
Marcelo in the Real Worldby Francisco Stork
The Best Teen Writing of 2009
and a few other various magazines and catalogs

Do you mind getting late fees or are you like me and think they are a fate worse than death?

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  1. I am not currently working as a librarian, but I have an Masters of Library Science and so it's just kind of embarrassing to get a late fee charged. However, sadly, this fall, I incurred fines twice. Once it was because I had thought I had renewed all my remaining books on my account, but failed to realize that the two interlibrary loan books did not renew. The other time I was distracted by having the flu and turned in a DVD a day late.

  2. Christy, don't be embarrassed. I used to get them more regularly. Once, I even had a fee I didn't know about until I was hired at the library. That kind of made me feel stupid. Only incurred a fee once since then. Maybe that's why I try at all costs to avoid the fees.

  3. Hi Melissa. Looks like you've got some awesome YA library loot! I'm interested in reading quite a few of those myself. Enjoy!

  4. I usually didn't mind getting fines on my card, and did incur fines quite a few times...but now that I volunteer at the library and fines are waved my books are always turned in on time haha ironic?

  5. I try very hard not to get late fees. So far I have been good at my new library and not gotten any. However, I do have some books due back today so I had better get over there!

  6. Christine, I hope you get to them sometime.

    KIWI, that is pretty funny. I guess you are more aware now you volunteer :)

    reviewsbylola, trying is better than not trying!

  7. Lucky lucky you! Way to go! :)

  8. fate worse than death. I pay $25 a year to have free holds and a three day grace period. Therefore, no late fees. YAY!

  9. Suey, I feel lucky :)

    Melissa, wow - that would totally be worth it!

  10. I don't mind late fees, but I generally only let myself have one overdue item at a time. For me, it's hard to avoid. New fiction books are 7-day check outs, and we can't see our place in the queue, so there's no way to anticipate their arrival. When three come in at once, I do my best. I like to think of it as extra library support. Good books are worth 20 cents a day!

  11. nomadreader, I think it would be a lot harder to avoid if my libraries weren't so generous with check-out periods! And it is ironic that I just noticed I have a ten cent fine and didn't even realize it. How terribly hypocritical of me!

  12. I try and avoid fees if I can, but there are times it is unavoidable. If I have started a book there is no way I am returning it unfinished!

    I will be interested to hear what you think of Liar and also Going Bovine. I enjoyed Libba Bray's other books, but this seems like a complete change of pace so i am not sure about this one.

  13. Marg, it becomes a real trial for me if it is due and I haven't finished. Especially if I know I'd have to wait weeks for it again.

    I've heard Going Bovine is very different from her other books, so I'm fairly interested to see how it goes.


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