Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Interview with a Fellow Fairy Tale-er

Today I am very fortunate to have an interview with J.T. Oldfield who blogs at Bibliofreak. We exchanged questions via email and I just LOVED reading her answers!

ME: Do you prefer twisted, traditional, or modern retellings?

JT: Well, I like the really old, gruesome originals. For modern retellings, I like them if they put a new spin on the tale, or use it allegorically.

ME: If you could meet any character from any fairy tale, which would you choose and why?

JT: I think I might choose Rumpelstilskin because he would be the most fun. I'd just have to be careful what I promise him. Or I might choose the elves from the elves and the shoemaker because maybe I could get them to make me some shoes.

ME: If you wrote a fairy tale what would be the name of your main character?

JT: I think that is a meme for this week! I would be Catra, and I would save the prince.

[ME: I LOVE this answer - I think there are a lot of princes out there who need saving!]

ME: Do you have a favorite retelling of a fairy tale?

JT: I really like Mirror, Mirror by Gregory Maguire.

[ME: Adding to my looong list of TBR fairy tale retellings...]

ME: Who is your favorite fairy tale villain and why?

JT: I really like the evil fairy Godmother from Sleeping Beauty, especially when she turns into a dragon in the Disney version.

[ME: She used to scare me to no end! But, I loved how her name sounded a bit like mine (Maleficent).]

ME: Do you prefer Disney-fied fairy tales (all happy endings) or the original not-so-happy-ending stories?

JT: Original! Though the Disney ones are entertaining!

ME: If you were in a fairy tale would you be the heroine or the villain?

JT: I'd be the heroine.

ME: What do you think makes fairy tales so compelling that we read and write about them for centuries?

JT: They include all of the archetypes that speak to us. Not to get too Jungian or anything...

ME: What's your favorite fairy tale creature (ie: dwarf, dragon, fairy) and why?

JT: I like mermaids. And also centaurs. I guess I like human hybrids?

ME: What is your least favorite fairy tale?

JT: Little Red Riding Hood. I mean, how could she possibly not tell that it was a wolf? Is she blind?

ME: Do you believe in magic or is that just the stuff of fairy tales?

JT: I would like to believe, but I'm too skeptical. Sometimes I can get myself to believe just for fun, though!

Thanks, J.T.! I love getting to know more about others' fairy tale preferences. Don't forget to check out her fabulous blog Bibliofreak.

What are your answers to some of these burning questions?


  1. I'll get mine up soon...my computer is about to die, and I'm too lazy to get up and get my charger, so I think I'm going to read a while. ;)

  2. JT, I'd much rather read than get up most times too :)

  3. Love girls who rescue the princes. Let's be honest, they need it more often than we do.


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