Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Book Review: Ashes of Roses by Mary Jane Auch

Ashes of Rosesis the story of Rose Nolan, an immigrant from Ireland who becomes the sole provider for her younger sister in America. She finds work with a Jewish friend at the Triangle Waist Factory. And then the fire happens.

I've been really interested in the Triangle Waist Factory fire of 1911. This book didn't quite have the appeal and interest that I found in Uprising (reviewed here). But, I love the stories of immigrants, their perceptions of America, and how hard they fought to survive when they got here. Most of the book doesn't relate at all to events going on at the time, it is more a personal story of the two girls surviving in America. I thought a few of the things Rose said and did seemed out of character - she changed too quickly. But, I liked the discussion of what happened after the fire.

s-factor: none.

mrg-factor: X

One situation Rose gets into, but she is fortuitously saved.

v-factor: ->->
The events at the factory during the fire are pretty horrifying.

Overall rating: ****

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